ST14 – CHMZAP – Big Trailer

Author: Vorkir
Original: FORS/
Source: Oovee

** Package xml and filenames updated ** by Lord of the Rings **

In need of a big BIG trailer to test your skills with? Then use this trailer on a Kraz, Maz 537 or Maz 7310. It has two functions. Press 3 to put it down on its own legs. Press 4 to activate the ramp which can then be moved up and down with R and T.

Does not do MP or achievements.

screenshot.3849 screenshot.3845 screenshot.3848 screenshot.3847 screenshot.3846

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14 Responses to ST14 – CHMZAP – Big Trailer

  1. Brandon says:

    Why wont it work… I've downloaded it, installed it… when i go to the garage the mod menu comes up and the chmzap is in there with the height tractor but when i click on them, they dont show… i've put a textures folder in media….. didn't fix it… please HELP

  2. Ovidiu says:

    Don t work !…please help me….I see a warning to propery position for any position of truck.

  3. zlatorog says:

    Does anybody know what should i modify in this mod to works it properly? I get the same waning "position your truck properly"

    • says:

      The mod does work ok but it is a pain in the backside to get attached. It takes some trial and error. As you can see in the screenshots i got done eventually.

  4. Bill Papps says:

    Locking up game as soon as it attached

  5. Bill Papps says:

    textures are jpg. ?

  6. Bill Papps says:

    I just not seen a jpg file for textures in this game. I am going to give up on it for now. I use to love making scripts, models and maps for a older 90s game I use to play. A lot of my maps and skins are still on some small gaming server. Players was able to download when entering the server.

  7. kevin says:

    Why didn’t work?
    When i put the trailer “position your truck properly” .
    How to fix it?

  8. paul says:

    I cant get the trailer to spawn at the garage it says “position your truck properly” and I tried it for 30 minutes and could not get it right.

    • says:

      I know, nothing i can do about that. Keep trying though, i managed to do it after pointing the truck at the garage with enough space behind it.

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