ST14 – Building a longer bridge

If you have trouble getting over a big river you can always make a bridge out of logs and place a pillar in the middle, check out this video


Source: LincArro

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4 Responses to ST14 – Building a longer bridge

  1. Max says:

    Nice work!

    but where do you got the pillar in the middle from and how do you place it?

    (i think building bridges in some proper way like this could be one of the first add-ons oovee should release (and i bet they are thinking about/realizing it already))

    • says:

      You would have to ask the original author of this bridge, LincArro. The source is mentioned in the top of the post.

    • Kill4Free says:

      Like he saids in the video description

      So I came up with the idea to adjust the rock load mod a little bit. What I did was adjust the rock model so that it became a big block that I could use as a pillar in the middle of the bridge.

  2. no107064 says:

    Spintires need this –

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