ST14 – Bridge building material

Author: Anders Ørum
Source: Oovee

Anders has created this nice mod which enables you too really build a proper log bridge. What he did is up the numbers of logs you spawn when you loose a load. Which can then be picked up for bridge building.

Short logs: From 6- 20 lose logs when load is dropped
Medium logs: From 3- 20 lose logs when load is dropped
Long logs: From 2- 20 lose logs when load is dropped

screenshot.3501 screenshot.3502 screenshot.3503

And here is a end result. By Renxx from the Oovee forum:

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6 Responses to ST14 – Bridge building material

  1. Caluu says:

    Hey, can we get an update to where as the logs wont disappear after a certain amount of time please?


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