ST14 – Blackwater Map

Author: Blackwater_CA
Source: Oovee

This is a real treat. The reason i used a Landrover Camel Trophy to test this map is because it brings back memories of watching these Camel Trophy adventures on tv as a kid. It is small but has all the content you need for a proper Camel Trophy feel.

Version 2.0 now available:

 -Fixed automated lumber yard issue
 -Adjusted garage location and building (slightly)
 -Mountain bridge was adjusted to make it slightly harder, added a new model variant.
 -Removed a few trees blocking roads
 -Other minor adjustment

If you like what you see then please consider a small donation for my work on this map.

Level Blackwater Map Legacy
Level Blackwater Map Legacy
14.0 MiB

Level Blackwater Map Latest Stable
Level Blackwater Map Latest Stable
7.1 MiB

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37 Responses to ST14 – Blackwater Map

  1. Blackwater_CA says:

    My first map, hope everyone enjoys it!

    • Jon says:

      Could you update the code so we can play it on the latest spintires update? Or if you have, make it so I can see that it is, had this map for one day and then they updated the game and now none of my custom maps work, thanks, love the map.

      • says:

        This map was made with the leaked map tools. The game was updated to counteract those maps. But you can still use it when you install the legacy version. Steam-Library-Games and then game properties, beta tab.

        • Jorge says:

          I can not play this map with last update or legacy build version! Impossible to play with original Steam Spintires….

          • says:

            Sorry but i can. No idea what is wrong on your computer. Can anyone confirm this map not working?

        • lars says:

          i cant get it to work either.. when i select blackwater map screen goes black saying loading game and freezes. i can hear the birds thats it. then a small window ” oops spintires have crashed ”

          so…. do i drop the blackwater zip file somewhere or do i have to pick every single file and guess where they should be ?? kinda annoying cause there are duplicates of files but in diff sizes in this download.. please help.. the map looks awesome

  2. it looks nice I hope its as good as it looks

  3. it says that there are files missing

  4. Smed says:

    This is my favorite map so far. Yes it is small but the winding roads and incredible challenges make it more interesting than a lot of the larger maps.

    The mountain bridge is great fun that everyone who enjoys spin tires needs to experience.

    There are a few spots where you can see gaps in the map that if were corrected would really help make this map even more beautiful and immersive.

    Also each part of the map has its own special feel. Incredible job on this map.

  5. kody says:

    how do you install this

  6. captain007 says:

    BEST MAP EVER!!! so i tried the jeep first and it was fun with a buddy then we got the 8×8 and were like ohh a trailer would be insane !! but it was awesome ! thanks for this map

  7. Jorge says:

    Good Job. It’s The Best That I ‘ve played…

    I need more maps like. Very very nice!

  8. Jorge says:

    why can not play with the update of today? : (

  9. CannasaurusX says:

    Although small, this is one brilliant map.

    The detail gone into this map makes the gameplay really immersive unlike some of the other community made maps. The routes are well though out and have some very interesting terrain to try and pull through. Steep hill climbs, off cambered corners and deep mud thats what Blackwater is all about.

    As for playing the objective, at the moment there is no lumber yard to load up the vehicles. This is unfortunate but don’t let that turn you away from the download, this really is a great map, even just to explore it in the UAZ is damn fun.

    4/5 Nice work!

  10. Dominick says:

    when i pick blackwater in spin tires it says unable to read it and it says maybe its the old version and i don’nt know what to do

  11. MADPOWER says:

    any way to slightlly tune the ground consistency Hein?

  12. Colt says:

    just installed the latest stable version, works on newest spintires update but the mud seems funky. you only see the mud change after the front tires have driven through it. is this because it was made for the legacy edition?

  13. spinout says:

    This is the kinda stuff that makes this an amazing modding website, that being said, great job!

  14. xander says:

    when i try this map or blackwater raceway it loads but goes all blurry can you help

  15. jay1_1 says:

    can you update this map to newest 25.12 still a good map

  16. Colt says:

    I thought this had been updated for the newest version?

  17. Marcin says:

    which file do i download for update?

  18. Chris says:

    A small but very-well thought through map. As some others have mentioned there are a couple of glitchy areas but nothing bad enough to stop you trying it. One objective, no log kiosks (so no Hardcore) but some great route choices and entirely playable with the stock trucks. Definitely challenging – it’s a small map with a lot of winching (and rescuing to garage) but well worth it.

  19. patrick says:

    Hi stable is not working for me it says corrupt or missing file.

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