ST14 – 1999 Dodge Ram

Author: SkullOfDeath
Skins: SpunInDarkness
MP/Achievements: No

This is a brutal truck. It looks the part and drives like a maniac. Three tires versions to choose from. And you can add a snorkel, garage crate for garage points, roll bar or toolbox with repair points. The texturing on the truck looks really good, giving the truck a nice aggressive look.Β  The baja tires are best on hard surface, all terrain tires are a good balance between mud a hard surface handling, tractor tires have the best grip in the mud but worse grip on hard surface.

SoD did a good job on this mod and you will not be disappointed when you download this.

263280_2014-11-13_00001 263280_2014-11-13_00002 263280_2014-11-13_00003 263280_2014-11-13_00004 263280_2014-11-13_00005 263280_2014-11-13_00006 263280_2014-11-13_00010

If you download the zip open it and go to ST14 – SoD dodge ram 1500\Media\textures\trucks\SiD dodge ram paint jobs\ to see three paintjobs by SiD. Availiable are Rusty, Digital Camo and Two Tone Black. Copy the files to SteamApps\common\Spintires\Media\textures\trucks\SoD-1999-dodge-ram-1500 and clear cache to make the new skin active.

263280_2014-11-13_00007 263280_2014-11-13_00008 263280_2014-11-13_00009

Package updated with a xml that included the Kamaz, Zil and Ural tires sets.
263280_2014-11-14_00013 263280_2014-11-14_00014 263280_2014-11-14_00012


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45 Responses to ST14 – 1999 Dodge Ram

  1. SKULL0FD3ATH says:

    My first mod to πŸ™‚

  2. mickey martin says:

    hey so i found one issue with this mod, the amount of fuel wont go over 200. when u fill up it says 200/600 fuel. at first i didnt notice it until i realized i was running out of fuel quite fast and when i unlocked a garage it only filled 42 liters up to 200 liters then stop yet it says it can have 600 liters of fuel

  3. Kuszlyk says:

    Would it be possible to make a white paint job for this truck? But a very good mod!

    • says:

      You could do it yourself with a bit work. Why not try it?

    • SKULL0FD3ATH says:

      maybe next update (far from now though) there are some texture templates in the trucks texture folder, you’re more then welcome to use the black and red skin as a starting point if you like.

  4. mitchell says:

    since installing this truck my game will randomly freeze up an i gotta close out an reopen it

  5. CJ says:

    is anyone else having problems with the mods having a solid black “box” around the ground on the truck, and no its not the shadow.

  6. HEADBUSTER says:

    i seem to be having a problem where the windows are a solid opaque black and there is a black rectangle under the truck even after ive upgraded the mod. Any help ?

  7. Rav3n says:

    Has anyone updated this mod yet? The ’99- body style is my fav of all the Rams.. and it’s OPness is perfect for my impatient nature. πŸ™‚ I would do it myself, but I don’t have the time right now. Maybe tonight if nobody else does…

  8. Rav3n says:

    I have edited this mod to (hopefully) work properly. I am away from my gaming PC right now, so I cannot test it. If there are any issues let me know and I will look through and attempt to fix them. πŸ™‚

  9. tyler says:

    the dodge ROCKS

  10. Rav3n says:

    Alright. I thought the black painted version of the truck was supposed to have limo tinted windows. Also, I spaced fixing the other skin/textures so if you want I will attempt to fix them aswell tonight or tomorrow.

  11. AARON DAVIDSON says:

    okay, so i might just be stupid, but how exactly do I get this truck in game? and which vehicle does it replace?

  12. AARON DAVIDSON says:

    Yeah no matter what i do i cant get this truck in game, if someone could help me… that would be great πŸ™‚

  13. Steven says:

    I do apologize for bothering , if I am , and please direct me to another thread if there is one. My son loves and plays the game adn recently watched a youtube video about this truck. I’ve downloaded the files from the URL on the youtube video, but I can’t seem to locate them. Elite Unzip doesn’t show files when I open it … anything I’m doing wrong aside from being inept and rutarded?

    I would appreciate any help. thank you ! πŸ™‚

  14. Steven says:

    I’m attempting to download and install this truck, but it’s not going well. I’m looking for a little assistance. I have downloaded the truck mod from the URL, but the Elite Unzip doesn’t show any files. I’ve never worked with Elite Unzip before, so maybe I’m just naive.

    However, do I need to download or install anything else before hand? My son plays the game and watched a youtube video with the truck and would like to play with it. Any help is much appreciated ! πŸ™‚ Thank you.

  15. Rav3n says:

    Skull, sorry for the trouble, but could you send me a quick confirmatory PM on the Oovee forums.. just to be 100% sure it is you. I’m Arya Suun on there. πŸ™‚

  16. Austin says:

    Hey man can you tell me how to delete the cache on windows 8.1 so I can get the digital camo for the dodge

  17. Conrad says:

    What vehicle does this mod replace, if it does?

  18. xcaliber360 says:

    why doΒ the shocks seem so jumpy in the mud.

  19. karetaker says:

    so how hard is it to have a mod work for multi and working achievements? just asking there alot of nice vehicles on here that i would love to mess around with but for single player i hate. always like to mess around with a friend. thanks KT.

  20. Kaku says:

    Have the latest xml and filename standard.

  21. trent says:

    i moved the media files over into the steam media files and went into the game and couldn’t find the truck is there something im not doing right?

  22. trent says:

    i keep downloading mods trying to get them to work. i download the mod i want ten move it from my zip file to the media file in spintires go into the game and cant fined any of them any tips on where they might be or anything i need to do different

  23. 25_Cans_Of_Bacon says:

    I like the look and feel of this truck, especially the sound, but the gear ratio on automatic relegates it useless. Even on the flattest of off-road surfaces with no mud or rocks that any 4 x 4 should easily fly over, it goes for about 5 feet, then tries to shift into 2nd, then stalls. Repeat. Unless I’m on a paved road. I have to be in 1st constantly, and then I’m crawling which takes hours to get anywhere.

    I’ve noticed this on other mods as well. Many of these trucks are nowhere near accurate representations of their RL counterparts. They should have no trouble reaching respectable speed on flat and even moderately sloped terrain. This one goes, stalls, goes, stalls, goes, stalls. It’s pointless in anything other than 1st and manual unless you are on a paved road. Too bad, as I really want to use this.

    Yes, I have the parking brake off.

    @trent: have you tried using JSGME?

  24. FamousTrickz says:

    How do I install trucks into multiplayer? Without using steam. If there is any way.

  25. Jared says:

    Does this mod still work and if it does can you tell me how to download it.

  26. Nick says:

    there Isnt a download link for me

  27. jay mcdonald says:

    there is no download link

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