ST14 – Kraz 256 dump truck

Author: Maxim Pioneer

This is a nice example of a well done dump truck. The mighty Kraz 256. With addons like the dumper itself but also a fuel cistern and it can haul the usual trailers and log carts.
To be able to actually dump rocks download the rock mod by Vorkir from this site as well.


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One Response to ST14 – Kraz 256 dump truck

  1. MADPOWER says:

    Hi there! 🙂

    Maxim Pioneer, are you the creator of the dumper and off roadwheels?

    I`m asking because i would like to use it on a tweack of mine…are you alright with it?
    If you are not the creator, can you point direcion to me please?
    Thanks mate apreciated…

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