Spintires (MudRunner) Mod – The New Spintires Plus for MudRunner!

We all remember Spintires Plus for being a convenient way of implementing features that the developers were unwilling implement.

Unfortunately, the creator of Spintires Plus (Local Host) decided not to support MudRunner. Luckily, we have a new person who decided to pick up where Spintires Plus left off and somehow it is even better then the original!  No longer do you tweak your mod settings from a pesky .xml file it is all done from inside the game.

Current features Spintires Mod adds include:

  • Disable game file check
  • Disable FPS limit in windowed mode
  • Light sync in multiplayer
  • Don’t turn off headlight on change truck
  • Allow cheats
  • Battery powered winch
  • Long winch rope
  • Always show dev tools

Version 1.6.6:

  • Custom winch length
  • Always allow spawn locators


  • Download SpintiresMod.exe file
  • Run .exe file
  • Follow all prompts
  • Open Spintires Mod Aplication
  • Select Mod Settings menu
  • Direct Spinitires: MudRunner to directory
  • Click install
  • Run game!

Version 1.6.4:

SpintiresModInstall.1.6.4 Alpha
SpintiresModInstall.1.6.4 Alpha
25.3 MiB

Version 1.6.5:

SpintiresModInstall.1.6.5 Alpha
SpintiresModInstall.1.6.5 Alpha
25.4 MiB

Version 1.6.6:

SpintiresModInstall.1.6.6 Alpha
SpintiresModInstall.1.6.6 Alpha
25.4 MiB
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27 Responses to Spintires (MudRunner) Mod – The New Spintires Plus for MudRunner!

  1. Gerard says:

    Steam Error / Application error V:0000065432

    Negative function.

    • Hazzard says:

      Hopefully I have fixed the issue, Unfortunately you will have to download another file and install it (the new top download link)

  2. james says:

    i dwnld it just like shown, now everytime i use winch game lock up?????

    • Hazzard says:

      Hopefully I have fixed the issue, Unfortunately you will have to download another file and install it (the new top download link)

  3. Anaconda2188 says:

    sorry mate but game keeps crashing ive tried what you said but game doesnt allow winch to work under your mod even though it does improve the game

  4. Anaconda2188 says:

    sorry again just seen latest one will try that lol

  5. rob says:

    it is a good mod

  6. Gerard says:

    More info please. I’m doing something wrong.,

    I had all the problems / bugs already reported.

    Now with the new version the only thing I can see is the lights stay on.

    I do not have the electric winch nor the longer winch [?] and not dev console showing.

  7. Casey says:

    I downloaded the latest one and when I tried to open it I get a message stating” The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable” Is This a problem on my end or with the download? I have also tried the other versions and I get the same message. I am able to edit it with notpad++ and see the coding like the “Spintires” spintires plus and there is another page that just says “Nul”.

    • Hazzard says:

      Hi Casey, It has to be an issue on your end. I have installed it multiple times without issue. Hopefully you will be able to sort it out.

  8. LVik2206 says:

    Thank you very much! Please tell me who the author of the app?

  9. LVik2206 says:

    …well, someone added it to your site!

  10. Niteowl says:

    Works great for me, Thanks whomever made it!

  11. calvin says:

    when will this be updated for the current version of spintires mudrunner 18.01.29

  12. motohead74 says:

    1.6.6 worked good till new DLC i seen the 1.6.7 and tried it out it dont work either

  13. riveradl says:

    When will an updated version be out? Doesn’t seem to work with the new valley dlc, worked perfectly fine before but not any more.

  14. Trey says:

    Anyone having any luck with this after the Valley DLC release? It doesn’t seem to have any effect any longer.

  15. cardinalf says:

    very nice idea to create that but seems currently not working 🙁

  16. Anaconda2188 says:

    mate your mod needs an update to work with the new DLC..
    as lost all customs maps etc.. or would that because im trying to run too many of them?

  17. hunter belch says:

    is their a newer version because it does not want to work with the newest version of game with the dlc it does not work for me

  18. A4X4NSNOWMAN says:

    anyone had an issue with ST+ not working since the release of the Valley DLC?

  19. GlennSpeed says:

    How do we roll back the game to the point prior to the update? I could care less about The Valley DLC. My group runs trails and crawls rocks on modded maps exclusively and has little interest in logging. So the ability to run the game without the file check, extend winch length and have a battery operated winch are paramount for us. Really hoping this little tool, that has extended the playability of the game, can be updated or integrated into a future game update. I cannot express enough how important this tool is….I’d even be willing to support continued updated through donations. Let’s get this done!!!

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