Spintires Map – Trials And Tribulations

Author – I’m51/50

Hello all this map is intended to be both a logging and trail map. Difficulty for logging will depend on the route taken and the trucks you use.The map has models from Realistic Rock Pack by Tim1 and Meshchora Model Pack by Pokemone. It also has seamless ground textures put in by me using another maps textures as a template for the classes xml and naming of jpg image.

Thanks to The Dark Master and Extremity for help with testing and feedback.

Features of Map:

  • Garages – 1 unlocked starting garage and 1 locked
  • Trucks at spawn – 8
  • Fuel Stations- 2
  • Objectives- 3
  • Log Kiosk- 1
  • Lumber Points- 1
  • Cloaks- none
  • Requires Spintires+- Yes​​
Level - Trials And Tribulations
Level - Trials And Tribulations
Level - Trials And Tribulations.7z
69.2 MiB
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