Spintires Map – TATA Story

Author – TATA007007

Finally this map has been upgraded to the Latest Stable. I really enjoy this map as there is lots of different terrain and trails to discover. The map feels massive and the utilization of space is really good.  There is both good trails and logging roads to run. It is a pretty good all rounder map with stunning scenery.

Level - TATA Story
Level - TATA Story
Level - TATA Story.7z
452 MiB
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14 Responses to Spintires Map – TATA Story

  1. Krshlorgaz says:

    Standard question, how many starting car slots? 🙂

  2. a says:

    That Landcruiser: when????

  3. Ormagodon says:

    Very fun map, lots of detail and I love the snowy area!

  4. Simon says:

    Which car i should choose on a beginning to Climb on the first Hill? I cant pass it. Im starting w with 4 points of Wood is that ok?

  5. csa_steel says:

    it says cant not load file and I have all the things in the right places

  6. B Art says:

    I’m having the same problem as csa_steel. This map has more to it than most. I am not a tech savvy guy but have figured out how to load most maps thanks to the tutorial but for some reason this one is not working. A little help on this one please?

  7. B Art says:

    I am having the same problem as csa_steel. This map has more files than others and I’m not sure if it is being installed correctly. I have downloaded other maps using the tutorial from this site but this one isn’t cooperating. Any input would be helpful

  8. jeepnut says:

    The map seems to load but it doesn’t let me choose a vehicle. Did I miss a step?

    • Hazzard says:

      Most of our maps are not compatible with MudRunner. This will more than likely be the reason why your map does not work.

  9. David Malmgren says:

    very cool map, but the starting point are little bit small and that narrow bridge… ouchtime when falling down 😀

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