Spintires Map – Monkey Trails

Author – WrenchinMonkey

What we have come to expect from WrenchinMonkey is great trailing maps – and believe me once again he delivered.  As usual everything on the maps is really detailed and the use of rocks is very realistic. When I prepare a map for upload I try to take around 10-15 minutes on the test drive – well this one got me rather distracted and I ended up spending a little longer playing (This also might help explain the amount of photos). Just download a competent truck have a good time trailing.

Map Features:

  • Trucks at Spawn – 5
Level - Monkey Trail
Level - Monkey Trail
Level - Monkey Trail.7z
126 MiB
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4 Responses to Spintires Map – Monkey Trails

  1. Chris May says:

    WM…man, you kill this s*** every single time. There is not one map; all the way back to Bear Narrows; that I can’t take a capable vehicle on and spend a couple hours going through the beautiful scenery you lay down. Once again, very very well done, and you and your time are appreciated.

  2. WrenchinMonkey says:

    thanks chris…stay tuned for sure man!!! ive got a couple maps finished and lined up for release for mudrunner i know the community is going to enjoy. we do this for all of us tire spinners!!

    • Chris May says:

      Nice!!! I’m sure I’ll be impressed as ever all over again, as will the rest of us. U really do a great job man! Please keep it up!

  3. Chris White says:

    I use to know a guy named Chris May. He had a brother named Kevin.

    Nice work on the map Wrenchin. Looking forward to the Mudrunners maps. Workshop support is supposed to be coming soon.

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