Spintires Map – Lost in WA

Author – MoeRon

2 maps from Moe in 2 days! I really enjoy this map – Attention to detail is through the roof and lots of great trails to ride on. Go grab a capable rig and have a great time. Unfortunately, I don’t think we are getting a new map from Moe tomorrow so this will have to do for a while ;).


  • Spintires Plus = Yes
  • Custom Objects = Yes

Level - Lost In WA
Level - Lost In WA
Level - Lost in WA.7z
50.7 MiB
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4 Responses to Spintires Map – Lost in WA

  1. waldo says:

    is the map based in australia?

  2. GeneralTragg says:

    I’m having trouble with this map. It either starts me with a white screen, or if it does work the rocks, trees, and stumps start disappearing when my truck gets close. Or it will start and the ground is all white. It will do this on any level, even the defaults until I remove this level and all custom objects then the game loads fine. Am I missing something when I install the map? TIA

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