Spintires Map – Laurel Ridge

Author – RaggedySquid

This is quite a nice map. There lots of terrain and trails to get lost on.  Being a first map I think RaggedySquid has done quite a good job.


This is a 32×32 map with lots of trails and rock crawling based in East Tennessee. It’s specifically designed for big trucks and is not a logging map. Most of the testing was done using Spun’s “The Beast” and Brute’s XJ Crawler but I have successfully taken Bregel’s Land Cruiser 80 VX through a few of the trails.

Map Features:

  • Garages: 1 Unlocked
  •  Trucks At Spawn: 6
  •  Fuel Stations: 4
  •  No Cloaks, Objectives, or Lumber
  •  Requires Spintires+: No

This does contain custom assets from the 91 editor objects pack and Tim1’s realistic rock pack.

Level - Laurel Ridge
Level - Laurel Ridge
Level - Laurel Ridge.7z
207 MiB
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