Spin Tires Plus

Author: Localhost
Source: Oovee

Text from the author:
SpintiresPlus is a collection of hacks for Spintires meant to alter some of the hardcoded elements.


v8: Forum thread
-Constraints drivable outside the advanced menu
-Speed improvement (mostly on menus)
-Garage/fuel/objective/etc icons on the external minimap
-Customizable truck-trailer link strength
-New, more convenient menus for map and truck selection
-Fix for another cause of invisible cursor (experimental)

-Fix for the invisible cursor bug.
-Fix for the invisible mud bug.
-Wireframe mode
-Camera not affected by steering
-Support for turbocharger and gearbox addons
-Wheelsets that require addons
-A new minimap in its own window. WARNING: multi-monitor setup required.
-Using developper tools outside the proving grounds.
-Legacy cloak behavior
-LinkedSteering that doesn’t trigger engine sound.
-Driveshafts no longer need to be along the length of the truck.
-Possibility to change the looks of cloaks on a per-map basis.

-New constraints between physical bodies (allowing creation of tracked vehicles).
-Allowing havok to handle more complex simulations.
-Using custom cardan joints.
-Hotkey to release the winch.
-Scrollable map menu.
-Right side camera view.
-Adjustable duration of game days.

-New menu to select what addons you start with.
-New, less forgiving, method to calculate difflock stress.
-Experimental support for tank-like steering. Does not mean “track support”.
-Changing the max angle of the cabin camera.
-Possibility to hide steam name+pic separately from the rest of the HUD.

-Snorkel support.
-Preventing automatic cabin camera orientation when driving.
-Preventing visual representation of damage on trucks.
-Locked trucks listed at the truck selection screen.
-Hiding the HUD (ex: for vehicle showcases or machinimas).
-Locking time of day at a specific hour.

-Removing the min/max restrictions on some XML parameters.
-Possibility to adapt suspension to each wheel set.
-FOV change. (Causes UI distortion, sorry it’s hopeless).
-Changing the number of load points needed to complete an objective.

-Fixes for the wheelmass bug (or rather: bugs).
-4 new wheel xml tokens, allowing to put numeric values for mass, friction and softness while keeping compatibility with players not using ST+.
-Disabling the “Game files differ from original package…” error when playing MP maps witch custom objects.
-Disabling suspension damage and speed damage (can’t separate the 2).
-Disabling the depth of field feature.
-Increasing mud rendering distance (up to about 4x), and terrain LOD (a bit).
-Unlimited zooming/unzooming.
-Killing various forms of autozoom.
-Preventing the game from turning off cruise controls when you engage the auto gearbox.
-Forcefully loading logs onto a trailer even if your truck is “incorrectly positioned” (at your own risks…).
-Restoring lumber yards in hardcore mode.
-Disabling cloaks, damage, and fuel consumption.
-Replacing engine powered winches by battery powered ones.
-Changing the winching range.
-Basic plugin support if you want to write your own code patches.

Each feature can be individually (de)activated in SpintiresPlus_config.xml.
This file is also the mod’s documentation.

Unzip d3d9.dll and SpintiresPlus_config.xml in the directory that contains Spintires.exe

There are chances that parts of this mod break at each game update. When that happens, disable all features, then enable them one by one (you need to restart the game between each try) and report what feature(s) broke. Then play without it/them until the next ST+ update.

Multiplayer compatibility:
I don’t play in MP so I don’t know.
BruteTerror reported that the AllowCustomObjectsInMP option works for real MP sessions (game version 03.03.16).

Legacy version compatibility:
Unknown. This mod doesn’t officially support Legacy ST, however some options might still work.

Legal stuff:
This mod, its source code, and the plugin’s source are distributed under MIT license terms.
That almost means: do what you want with them but don’t hold me responsible if anything goes wrong.

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