Spin Tires Modding Guide

Author: Stetson

Just a quick post with all of 7 youtube videos by Stetson on how to make a mod for spin tires:



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4 Responses to Spin Tires Modding Guide

  1. Madpower says:

    Ialways apreciate people who share the knoledge

    Thumbs up for Stetson
    & Hein for posting it


    Note to delete:Hein, just wanted to ask if you are going to speack on me to Oovee forum?
    If you will, i will not let you down
    if you don`t, it`s ok i get it, but please tell me, so i can do it my self


  2. Madpower says:


    Nice vid tutorials man…easy to understand even for just a curiouse like me…and you explain why you do what you do…

    I know nothing but i know that doing the springes if you copy as an instance imediatly works has a parte of the previouse object..so you don`t need then to atach later 😉

    but being just a “wana be” i already realise that there are many roads, but they all go to rome 😉

  3. Johnny says:

    Hi, I’ve been looking for a way to change diff lock from “always” or “none” to the normal selectable setup or vice-versa. Was hoping it was possible by simply editing a xml file, but so far haven’t seen any thing about it after an online search.

    Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Johnny says:

    Disregard the previous question, figured it out, it was easier than I thought.

    Keep up the great work!

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