Spin Tank

I found this gem here and it basicly is a old old version of the game from way back in 2011. I have no information on who made it and how but it does show a T-90 tank with working tracks. Which, in my opinion, does give hope for the future! I understand if the technique used then is not possible to be used in the game as it is now but if it was possible then it should be possible now right. Fingers crossed.

Meanhwile download the SpinTank game here. Be aware this might kill your achievements. Don’t ask how it does that i just know it might very well do so.

109 MiB
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6 Responses to Spin Tank

  1. Randal says:

    I don’t know if it was the mod or not but I put this in my game and it crashed and when I tried launching the game it said missing file reinstall game

  2. Carnaxus says:

    I meant to ask is it installed as a mod or as a separate game?

  3. Andrew Smart says:

    What car does this replace?

  4. Tin Spire says:

    This is not mod. This is stand alone “game”. Unpack and run “*.exe”,
    BUT – BEWARE…! All your saveed game from “original location” will be deleted!
    Anyway, tank is so fun, but nothing “special” wit wow! effect!

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