Snow falling mod

Author: Draconus43077

The Winter Theme mod is coming but for now we have this falling snow mod. It uses the exhaust as a trigger to spawn the snow so if you use a mod without exhaust add one or else the snow will fall but not follow the truck.

If your map of choice starts with the default uaz then the snow will not follow the car because the uaz has no exhaust code in the xml. If you for example use on of the SID mods then check the xml code. SID often comments out the exhaust code (look like and you should be fine.

** This weather mod was tested on a winter theme mod that is not yet released **

Version 2:
– It has the snow showing in water reflections.
– Particles that float up off tires glitch has been greatly improved and only does it once in a while.
– The snow fall emit count has been tweaked and timing of falling particles after being emitted has also been tweaked.

Draconus spintires mod development,If anyone would like to support my projects all donations are greatly appreciated.

Snow Falling Weather
Snow Falling Weather
Snow Falling Weather.7z
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9 Responses to Snow falling mod

  1. cph30075 says:

    Winter is coming. Prepare your trucks.

  2. Danieldan5152 says:

    How do I get this to work I see no snow?

  3. Karolis says:

    Verry cool mod, is it possible to play it on multiplayer? I cant get it to work on multiplayer, only singleplayer…

  4. quentin says:

    all i see is black dots falling

  5. sebb says:

    the mod works and the falling snow is cool, however in the pitures you showed the ground was covered in snow, did i install it wrong or is that another mod?

    • conor says:

      the person who created the mod was testing winter season mod(still in testing) and the falling snow mod so yes it is a different mod

  6. bob says:

    nice mod

  7. Ms. Nightshade says:

    Why is this available for download when the testing isn’t finished?

    Also: I’ve noticed that the mod in its current unfinished state seems to completely disable engine sound. No idea as to why or how…

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