SID Chevy ZR2

SID asked me to do a test drive and when he does ask me i don’t hesitate. Glad i did not hesitate now because this Chevy ZR2 is a off road beast. It has no problem with the w.i.p. Perdido map from Lexxuzzz at all. Crawls through mud easy and goes uphill looking for more. It also has that rugged look which can be enhanced by installing goodies like rock sliders, spare wheel set and repair kit rack on the roof. Excellent work on making this truck feel at home in Spin Tires!

  • update. Download link added.
SID Chevy 2010 ZR2
SID Chevy 2010 ZR2
SID Chevy 2010 ZR2.7z
6.7 MiB
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7 Responses to SID Chevy ZR2

  1. Bratboy90 says:

    Awesome! I’m pumped. Great work BTW

  2. Drifticidal says:

    ERMEHGERD when can we get this beautiful truck, so nice to see a newer Silverado mod for st that doesn’t suck. Well done Spun, top notch mod as always, can’t wait to run it on my YouTube show =)

  3. Codi says:

    When can we use it .

  4. CJ says:

    still waiting on this mod? cause im so ready for it!! anyone ever make a newer style dodge ram with a hemi also? like a 2003 and up?

  5. Mph says:

    Really looking forward to getting behind the wheel of this one! Looks amazing!

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