SID 1987 Jeep YJ Open Top

Author: SID
Source: Oovee

Basicly the open top version of the Jeep YJ. Excellent jeep for a bit of crawling. Really usefull to scout a map for routes to take with the bigger trucks. Ofcourse SID delivers more then 1 skin for the Jeep so you can change it into a colour that suits you best.

If you like my mods, consider a donation. Thanks SID.

SID 1987 Jeep YJ Open Top
SID 1987 Jeep YJ Open Top
SID 1987 Jeep YJ Open Top.7z
3.9 MiB
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5 Responses to SID 1987 Jeep YJ Open Top

  1. Josh says:

    I downloaded this jeep, but cannot get it to work in the game. How do I make it work? Any help please.

  2. Casey says:

    Is there a chance you could update the 1987 Jeep YJ hard top and the Jeep YJ soft top to the latest stable of spintires please I love your mods.I just don’t like playing on the other version of spintires.

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