SID 1981 Toyota Hilux pickup

Author: SID
Source: Oovee

And this is the Toyota Hilux pickup truck. With two beds to choose from. One standard. One more suited for the more advanced offroader, it packs repair points and fuel.

If you want to use a other skin, like this Top Gear red, look in the textures folder.

If you like my mods, consider a donation. Thanks SID.

SID 81 Toyota Hilux
SID 81 Toyota Hilux
SID 81 Toyota
6.1 MiB
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5 Responses to SID 1981 Toyota Hilux pickup

  1. CannasaurusX says:

    Yes, all I now have to do is:

    Park on boat slipway.
    Wait for tide to come in.
    Unsuccessfully drown it.
    Drive it through a shed.
    Drop a caravan on top of it.
    Hit it with a wrecking ball.
    Kill it with fire, unsuccessfully.
    Park on roof of apartment block.
    Demolish apartments with explosives.

    The body work will then be complete, so we’re good to go play Spintires!

  2. RICHIE says:

    what vehicle does it replace

    • says:

      UAZ iirc. Check classes/trucks folder for the xml. If it’s named UAZ then it replaces the UAZ etc etc

      • CannasaurusX says:

        You can have it change any truck you like I’m pretty sure, all you have to do is rename the .xml file to the truck you would like it to replace.
        It’s worked with several vehicle mods I’ve got anyway, just remember to change it back afterwards or you may think your mod is broke next time you go to load it up.

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