SID 1975 Cadillac Hearse


Happy Halloween

Spun 1975 Cadillac Hearse

Original model Sketchup:
All other Modeling, Textures, Animation done by Spun
Sounds by SpinTireBero:

Thanks goes out to all of the crew that tested this mod.
Brute, MoeRon, Nix, Hazzard, Powers, Zach, Josh hope I havent forgot anyone.

Please visit SID Performance Off Road to check out all of my past and current builds on the forums

If you like my mods, consider a donation. Thanks SID.

Spun 1975 Cadillac Hearse
Spun 1975 Cadillac Hearse
Spun 1975 Cadillac Hearse.7z
4.4 MiB


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4 Responses to SID 1975 Cadillac Hearse

  1. Owerlord says:

    Sad that SID can’t create new engine sounds :/.

  2. Jursh says:

    This is pretty awesome you think you could upload a working version on the workshop. or maybe even update it for this Halloween 😀

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