Mod design and texture design and  lua script code/Draconus
Original particle spawning idea /steam use idea /Marijn
Sounds done by/ Sid

Source: Spintires.nl

The Rain mod. What it does is best seen in these screenshots. It adds rain to the game including thunder in the distance. This mod is for those who want to add new level of gameplay to Spin Tires.

The code used in the lua looks for the Steam code section in a truck xml code so it should work on any mod on any map.

Update 6-6-2016:

Draconus has been hard at work to restore the rain mod for Spin Tires. Due to him battling cancer it has taken a little longer then wanted. So if you want to support him in his fight against cancer please consider making a donation. Dowload link for the new and improved rain mod is below.

Draconus Rain
Draconus Rain
7.3 MiB


Draconus spintires mod development,If anyone would like to support my projects all donations are greatly appreciated.

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3 Responses to Rain

  1. spoke says:

    Looks nice. Can I turn it off for a map I don’t want it on?

  2. daniel haskins says:

    How do I instal this?

    • DigitalX says:

      Open Media.zip in your Spintires directory, drag and drop and replace the folders included in the mod. Then load a map 🙂

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