Quad Bike

Author: Sasha Matveev
Source: vk.com

Small and lightweight this quadbike makes a nice alternative to all the big heavy trucks and cars. It can be fitted with a small trailer and a driver.

Quadbike V1 By Neizvesten
Quadbike V1 By Neizvesten
10.3 MiB
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6 Responses to Quad Bike

  1. v3n0m says:

    I thought you are hosting only good mods and this ‘thing’ is like taken from some cheap mobile game. It doesn’t even have animated suspension only wheels moving up and down

    • Spintires.nl says:

      Yup, very true. However i do also host mods that might inspire someone to make a better one. And there are not that many quad bikes in the game yet. So get creative and build a better one 🙂

  2. V12 says:

    Hmm, good vehicle for Geocaching map. I’m hard thinking about next GC map especialy for this quad.

  3. marlible says:

    OMG thank you I could care less if it was good or not but THANK YOU very much. So excited

  4. marlible says:

    it won’t let me use it :'(

  5. rb63 says:

    its good but bouncy as hell and damages easily

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