Spintires Map – Monkey Trails

Off Roading, Modding, Spintires, Jeep, Monkey Trails

Author – WrenchinMonkey What we have come to expect from WrenchinMonkey is great trailing maps – and believe me once again he delivered.  As usual everything on the maps is really detailed and the use of rocks is very realistic. When I prepare a map for upload I try to … Continue reading

Local Host Spintires Editor 4gb ram increase

Author – Localhost The coding wizard Localhost has just released this amazing patch for the Spintires Editor. Map makers who intend to make super detailed maps you need this file 🙂 Author Comments: I finally found a DRM-friendly way to enable the Large Address Aware (LAA) option for Spintires’ editor. … Continue reading

Level – Grand Lake

level_grand_lake preview

Author – Chris Nelson Description/Author Notes: level_grand_lake is a custom logging map for the latest version of Spintires.  Check out the preview video here: It’s been a wet winter, and we had to put deliveries on hold and move most of our trucks to high ground. Now it’s time to … Continue reading

Spintires Map – TATA Story

Author – TATA007007 Finally this map has been upgraded to the Latest Stable. I really enjoy this map as there is lots of different terrain and trails to discover. The map feels massive and the utilization of space is really good.  There is both good trails and logging roads to … Continue reading

Spintires Map – Goat Trails

Author – Smed1981 This is another really enjoyable map from Smed. Everything on the map feels very well thought out and polished. The custom rocks he used looks great and fits in well with the deserty theme that he was going for.  This is another map that will definitely be … Continue reading

Spintires Map – Dirt Time

Author – SuperScott82 The Highly anticipated Dirt Time map is finally here! For all you guys who enjoy a good time in Multiplayer I would find some capable trucks and click that download button now. Lots of custom objects and other miscellaneous events that you can do. Definitely worth playing. Author … Continue reading

Marijn & Tattoo Spring Weight Tool V2 – Spintires Modding Resource

Authors – Tattoo, Marijn This is the updated version of Marijn’s Spring Weight tool. It fixes all bugs that existed with the last one. This tool is useful for both the aspiring Spintires Modder or the experienced. Really easy to use and well worth the download. How to install Spring Weight Tool … Continue reading

Spintires Map – TATA QUATRO

Author – TATA007007 TATA has created a really interesting map that is definitely worth downloading. Lots of cool terrain and scenery to cover – and the snow is a very nice touch. I find this map different and actually quite enjoyable. Author Comments: -Insert truck with bridge buildings capabilities -Map includes own … Continue reading

Everything you Need to Know About the New Spintires: Mudrunner

Everything you Need to Know About the New Spintires: Mudrunner

As to be expected, there is a lot of buzz around the new Spintires: Mudrunner Game. A lot of people are wondering about what could be so different and why they didn’t just simply update the original game. Well, I wanted to put this article together to explain exactly what … Continue reading

Spintires Map – Laurel Ridge

Laurel Ridge - Spintires - Mud Running and Rocks

Author – RaggedySquid This is quite a nice map. There lots of terrain and trails to get lost on.  Being a first map I think RaggedySquid has done quite a good job. Description: This is a 32×32 map with lots of trails and rock crawling based in East Tennessee. It’s specifically designed for … Continue reading