Spintires Map – TATA QUATRO

Author – TATA007007 TATA has created a really interesting map that is definitely worth downloading. Lots of cool terrain and scenery to cover – and the snow is a very nice touch. I find this map different and actually quite enjoyable. Author Comments: -Insert truck with bridge buildings capabilities -Map includes own … Continue reading

Everything you Need to Know About the New Spintires: Mudrunner

As to be expected, there is a lot of buzz around the new Spintires: Mudrunner Game. A lot of people are wondering about what could be so different and why they didn’t just simply update the original game. Well, I wanted to put this article together to explain exactly what … Continue reading

Spintires Map – Laurel Ridge

Laurel Ridge - Spintires - Mud Running and Rocks

Author – RaggedySquid This is quite a nice map. There lots of terrain and trails to get lost on.  Being a first map I think RaggedySquid has done quite a good job. Description: This is a 32×32 map with lots of trails and rock crawling based in East Tennessee. It’s specifically designed for … Continue reading

Spintires Map – Lost in WA

Author – MoeRon 2 maps from Moe in 2 days! I really enjoy this map – Attention to detail is through the roof and lots of great trails to ride on. Go grab a capable rig and have a great time. Unfortunately, I don’t think we are getting a new … Continue reading

Spintires Map – Evans Creek Remake 2017

Author – MoeRon I never thought I would see a remake of such a classic map – Evans Creek. Moe definitely lost not lost the map making touch as this map is beautiful! Moe has the new rocks created by Spun and some other objects but that is not all. Lots … Continue reading

New Spintires 2 – Spintires: MudRunner Announced and coming soon!

Get excited because Spintires 2 is on its way! This new version of Spintires will feature new graphics, vehicles and maps. Check out our more detailed article about everything you need to know about the new Spintires: Mudrunner game. Some of the features to come include: Sandbox Map joining the original … Continue reading

Spintires Map – Eagles Nest

Author – holbs The map is the quality we have come to expect from Holbs. Amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed my quick bash around that I had on this map. It has great scenery and logging roads. Author Comments: This is a PURE LOGGING MAP for the latest stable of Spintires.  There’s rough … Continue reading

Spintires Map – Bootleg Bootstrap

Map Preview

Author – Chris Nelson  Authors Comments: Do you like to work the crane? Do you like to solve interesting challenges? Then I have the job for you! Our rival loggers ran out of money. Then the bankruptcy administrator made a mess of their operations before pulling everyone out and shutting it … Continue reading

Spintires.nl Alive!


Once again download links are alive. Sorry about any inconveniences caused by this but I hope to get some new maps uploaded this weekend. While the site has been down we have taken the time to update the back end of the site. This is also why it took a … Continue reading

Vehicle Mod – Jeep Kaiser M715

Spun Jeep Kaiser

Author – Spun This mod is really good! I cannot believe it took so long for a decent Kaiser in this game but finally we have one. The model looks great and the textures also look top notch (I especially dig the camouflage paints). Spun really kicked a goal with this … Continue reading