ST14 – ZIL 157

Author: DEMON74 Source: It’s old. It’s rusty. It goes anywhere you want it too! The proven ZIL 157. And this is a sweet mod. It has its own wheels and you get three more choices for wheels. It has its own fuel cistern addon but can also carry other … Continue reading

ST14 – MAZ 535

Author: unknown Source: The Maz 537 is good.. but some miss the iconic 535 with its third head light in the middle giving it the nickname 'cyclops'. It is the weaker brother of the 537 but stil packs quite a punch when you go offroading plus it looks cool … Continue reading

ST14 – Kamaz 6522 Tweak

Found this while roaming the big web. On someone posted this lifted Kamaz 6522 with changed highway tires. They do look better and the truck does get less damage due it being lifted somewhat. It can do offroad but sometimes needs a little help as you can see in the … Continue reading

ST14 – Bridge building material

Author: Anders Ørum Source: Oovee Anders has created this nice mod which enables you too really build a proper log bridge. What he did is up the numbers of logs you spawn when you loose a load. Which can then be picked up for bridge building. Short logs: From 6- 20 … Continue reading

ST14 – Trailer Pack 2

Author: Anders Ørum Original author: Nicossalonso Source: Oovee Another trailer pack to play with. One giant 6000 liter tanker, a BIG tree, a excavator and a trailer with an atv. The last one can also be used to haul other vehicles. It does work in MP and also does not hinder … Continue reading

ST14 – UAZ 31512

Author: Unknown (if you know who let me know) Source: I think this is another This is a civilized version of the UAZ 469B. With ofcourse more creature comforts but stil good in offroading. This mod has some good animations, good damage graphics and overal nice drive. ** Updated … Continue reading

ST14 – 98 Chevy Suburban

Author: BruteTerror Source: Oovee BT has converted his ’98 Chevy Suburban into the full game. Its a awesome beast of a truck which goes just about anywhere if you know how to drive. Their is stil some work to be done, mud buildup on the wheels for example, but besides that this … Continue reading

ST14 – UAZ 3909

Author: LS 2013 Source: A UAZ 3909 is a sturdy little van with a good deal of offroad capability. Found this on the web at Its a nice mod which lacked one thing..a towing point for trailers. So i added that the uaz.xml file so you can tow … Continue reading

ST14 – Gaz 69M

Author: Pixelherder Source: Oovee Status: xml and filenames updated Originally a hz888 mod, in 2011. Since then it has seen a appearance in the tech demo and now the full game. And it is a good one to use a scout to get the cloaking gone or to go ahead and … Continue reading