ST14 – UAZ 3907

Author original: Vlad Tkachenko Converter to ST14: Victor Baranov Remember that jumpy little car that would flip over real easy in the tech demo? Well.. its back :). The uaz 3907 has been converted to replace the uaz in the game. Can be fitted with a trunk and takes really … Continue reading

ST14 – KAMAZ 55102

Author: unknown Source: A good mod of the Kamaz 55102 road truck. It comes with normal and chained wheels. And despite the fact that it is a road truck it can manage offroad pretty good with its difflock engaged. MP and achievement support not available! ** Updated to the … Continue reading

ST14 – MAZ 509

Author: DEMON74 / RedPow Source: Info: Wiki This is the MAZ 509 logging truck. A medium sized powerhouse of a truck. It can be fitted with different wheels and it can also haul trailers from other mods. The animations and damage are really good on this one, just ride … Continue reading

ST14 – Summer river

Author: Nicossalonso The idea of this little tweak is to make the river appear more like it would in the summer. Nice idea of Nicossalonso. It does involve editing one of the xml files of the game so no clue what this will do to mp or achievements. Download the … Continue reading

ST14 – T40 tractor plus trailer

Author: Ls Sound: Anton Smirnov Source: The first tractor to enter the realm of Spin Tires (Full Game). The T40 with a trailer to attach. It has two choices of wheels, a roll cage and then that trailer. Drives different then what we are used now, because it is … Continue reading

ST14 – GAZ 66 KUNG

Author: unknown Source: This package contains a kung variant of the GAZ 66 truck. Nice details on the truck, the textures look amazing. Rides really well offroad and it gets the job done. MP and achievements do not work. This mod replaces the uaz in the game. ** Updated … Continue reading

ST14 – ZIL 157

Author: DEMON74 Source: It’s old. It’s rusty. It goes anywhere you want it too! The proven ZIL 157. And this is a sweet mod. It has its own wheels and you get three more choices for wheels. It has its own fuel cistern addon but can also carry other … Continue reading

ST14 – MAZ 535

Author: unknown Source: The Maz 537 is good.. but some miss the iconic 535 with its third head light in the middle giving it the nickname 'cyclops'. It is the weaker brother of the 537 but stil packs quite a punch when you go offroading plus it looks cool … Continue reading

ST14 – Kamaz 6522 Tweak

Found this while roaming the big web. On someone posted this lifted Kamaz 6522 with changed highway tires. They do look better and the truck does get less damage due it being lifted somewhat. It can do offroad but sometimes needs a little help as you can see in the … Continue reading

ST14 – Bridge building material

Author: Anders Ørum Source: Oovee Anders has created this nice mod which enables you too really build a proper log bridge. What he did is up the numbers of logs you spawn when you loose a load. Which can then be picked up for bridge building. Short logs: From 6- 20 … Continue reading