ST14 – ZIL 157K

Author: Ha3ap Source: Oovee Info: Wiki The ZIL 157k. A trustworthy old clunker which gets the job done. And this mod is a reall nicely done build (Arraial approved). It can load the common addons and has it own as wel. The only flaw is that the front tires sometimes … Continue reading

ST14 – KAMAZ 63501 Mustang

Author: tecremix Source: The Mustang. Or also known is the less imaginative name; Kamaz 63501. A might 8×8 truck which can be fitted with two sets of wheels, various addons. Its most comfortable with the cart and crane addon plus medium log trailer. A blast to drive through rough terrain, … Continue reading

ST14 – Trailer Pack 3

Author: Arraial ST14 Converter: Anders Orum Source: Oovee ** Updated to the latest xml and filename standard ** by Kaku ** Copied from Oovee This mod does NOT disable multiplayer or achievements, it works online and other players can see it if they got it aswell. New Trailers in v1.0: … Continue reading

ST14 – Mongo Heist

Author: Rhys Trappet ST14 Converter: Gabe Source: Oovee Replaces the UAZ in the game. Does not do MP or achievements. Can be fitted with a collection of tires. Can do logs. Ideal for exploring or decloaking a map 🙂  

ST14 – Gearbox graphics

Author: Dexadrinne Source: Oovee The manual gearstick in Spin Tires can be used to shift gears manually. But did you know there is a number of gears you can use? I did not until this mod appeared. It clearly display the number of gears available for you. And when you … Continue reading

ST14 – KRAZ 255B / 256B with addons

Author: Alex Ryskal Source: Oovee This truck set is amazing in detail, the truck looks like it might just drive out of your monitor and across your desk. There is a choice of tires and various other addons. Download and enjoy! Does not do MP or achievements. ** Updated to … Continue reading

ST14 – Ural Polyarnik

Author: Priotrek Pere / Gabe / Johncage Source: Oovee Priotrek is the main creator of the beast of a Ural. The idea was to create a polar expedition type of ural and he succeeded with the help of Gabe and Johncage. Its not entirely real life accurate as the rear … Continue reading

M62 Offroad Train

Original author: Rhys Trappet ST14 Converter: no clue Source: I doubt this was converted with approval from Rhys but its cool so i am going to post this anway. Rhys if you read this let me know if you want this taken down. This basicly is a train. On … Continue reading

ST14 – KRAZ 260

Author: RedPoW Source: Replaces the uaz in the game. No MP or achievement support. This is a fine example of Russian trucking. The Kraz 260 replaces the Kraz 255b and it does so pretty good. Awesome truck with impressive offroad skills. This mod was done with attention to detail, … Continue reading

ST14 – KRAZ 6316

Author: BruteTerror Skinner: SpunInDarkness Source: Oovee ** Updated to the latest xml and filename standard ** This is the Kraz 6316 with 3 different beds and two different type of wheels and also a set of skins made by the well known SID. This truck can go anywhere so if … Continue reading