ST14 – MAZ 7310 Trailers

Author: CMD Source: Oovee Copied text from Oovee To install the mod unzip the contents of the archive into the spintires directory. Does not disable MP and achievements but people without the mod will not see the trailers so take care. Other bugs may include not unlocking the garage unless … Continue reading

ST14 – MAZ 7310 addons

Author: unknown Source: This tweak enhances the capabilities for the Maz 7310 wrecker. It can now not only tow a truck but it can also be fitted with a fuel cisteren, open and tent loading bed or a big trailer to haul around the smaller Maz 537 truck.

ST14 – 51 Chevy

Author: UMT Source: Oovee UMT is at it again. This time they release a pickup truck. A 51 Chevy with big tires, 4 different paintjobs by SID. The truck is ideal for exploring and decloaking a map. Excellent level of detail and it can take quite the punishment. No MP … Continue reading


Author: unknown Source: Info: Wiki The Gaz Sadko is a small 2,5 ton cargo truck. The mod is pretty good, nice texturing and good suspension. It does do weird mud streaks on the front wheel fenders but apart from that no errors. It can fitted with cart and crane … Continue reading

ST14 – URAL 4320

Author: stark-industries.vk Source: Info: Wiki This is the Ural 4320. A big 6×6 truck with excellent texturing and animations. It comes two for the price of 1. One with a fixed loading bed and one that can be fitted with a cart and crane for example. High quality mod … Continue reading

Test drive – M35A2

Author: BruteTerror Info: Wiki I recently got a chance to drive the new build by BruteTerror. The might M35A2. The build is not done yet but i got it through a test drive which got BruteTerror some points to work on. The truck is a big giant which can take the terain … Continue reading

Test Drive – ZIL-167

Author: BruteTerror & Unlimited Modding Team Info: Wiki These are some screenshots from the shakedown ride with the ZIL-167. A 6×6 machine once designed to drive in terrain conditions found in the Siberian and Ural parts of Russian. BruteTerror is creating this mod for Spin Tires and it looks amazing … Continue reading

ST14 – Proving Grounds

A new category at has been added. Proving Grounds. I get requests every now and then and to test drive a new truck being build and i decided it would benefit me and the mod makers if i would post screenshots of the test drives here on my site … Continue reading

ST14 – UAZ 3170

Author: Yuri Eremchuck Source: Oovee Looking for a hard car which does not tip over easily, crashes fast, builds up damage faster then you can say boo!. Then look no further this is it. The Uaz 3170. I post here because it is a good looking car but unfortunately not … Continue reading