Test drive – M35A2

Author: BruteTerror Info: Wiki I recently got a chance to drive the new build by BruteTerror. The might M35A2. The build is not done yet but i got it through a test drive which got BruteTerror some points to work on. The truck is a big giant which can take the terain … Continue reading

Test Drive – ZIL-167

Author: BruteTerror & Unlimited Modding Team Info: Wiki These are some screenshots from the shakedown ride with the ZIL-167. A 6×6 machine once designed to drive in terrain conditions found in the Siberian and Ural parts of Russian. BruteTerror is creating this mod for Spin Tires and it looks amazing … Continue reading

ST14 – Proving Grounds

A new category at Spintires.nl has been added. Proving Grounds. I get requests every now and then and to test drive a new truck being build and i decided it would benefit me and the mod makers if i would post screenshots of the test drives here on my site … Continue reading

ST14 – UAZ 3170

Author: Yuri Eremchuck Source: Oovee Looking for a hard car which does not tip over easily, crashes fast, builds up damage faster then you can say boo!. Then look no further this is it. The Uaz 3170. I post here because it is a good looking car but unfortunately not … Continue reading

ST14 – Cistern Trailer Monster

Tweaker: Spintires.nl Prereq: Ural Polyarnik + Ural Polyarnik Orange Skin Yes this does not do MP or achievements. This is a tweak of the default fuel cistern trailer from Spin Tires. When you install the two prereqs you can download the zip from this post. Unzip it and then insert … Continue reading

ST14 – UAZ 469G

Author: Alexander Tumasov († ALEXRAMM †.)  ST14 Converter: Viktor Baranov Source: Zagruzka-mods   Nice little offroader this car. It wil go where you it to go, just give it time. I had it stuck in a ditch and after 3 hours of crawling and using the manual gearstick i got it out! … Continue reading

ST14 – KRAZ 6437 Pack

Author: PrAIZeR, BrUISeR, Denis_WRC, Kinbolon, V1RU$, ТиамаТ_ЕА, Vladislav, ronnie Source: Zagruzka-mods Copied text – multiplayer and achievements not working;  – replaces KrAZ; – sounds of the engine from the original game KrAZ; – the model is the animation of the suspension; – the model has its wheels; – the model contains … Continue reading

ST14 – ZIL-131 and ZIL-4334 Pack

Author: RedPoW Source: Zagruzka-mods Two for the price of one. The ZIL-131 and the ZIL-4334. Two iconic Russian trucks with a choice in tires and addons. Just don’t load the zil 4334 with its own addons at the lumberyard as it wil spin like a tornada, when you also got … Continue reading

ST14 – Camera Cabin View

Author: Anders Ørum Source: Oovee A lot of moaning and groaning the last few weeks has been about the camera within the game. Although inventive and new it was not what everyone liked, can't please them all right. So, while waiting for Oovee get around to fixing this, a modder … Continue reading

ST14 – Mercedes Benz Race Truck

Author: Yuri Eremchuck Sound: Anton Smirnov Original Model: Formula Truck Source: Spintires.net This is a truck which is pretty useless in Spin Tires. It can do nothing but go fast and when it does it goes like a bat out of hell. Once you hit the tarmac you fly. You … Continue reading