ST14 – GAZ34

Author: unknown as modfiles is not sure either Source: ** Updated to the latest xml and filename standard ** by Kaku ** The Gaz 34 is a nice 6×6 truck. Can be fitted with a tent, loading bed, various wheels and even a bucket. Looks good, not real high … Continue reading


Author: unknown Source: I can't find the site i downloaded this from. But is a beauty. A UAZ Hunter. Various roofracks and wheels available. Even a addon which transforms it into a van LOL. Do you know the original author and location let me know.  Does not play nice … Continue reading

ST14 – ZIL 157K

Author: Ha3ap Source: Oovee Info: Wiki The ZIL 157k. A trustworthy old clunker which gets the job done. And this mod is a reall nicely done build (Arraial approved). It can load the common addons and has it own as wel. The only flaw is that the front tires sometimes … Continue reading

ST14 – KAMAZ 63501 Mustang

Author: tecremix Source: The Mustang. Or also known is the less imaginative name; Kamaz 63501. A might 8×8 truck which can be fitted with two sets of wheels, various addons. Its most comfortable with the cart and crane addon plus medium log trailer. A blast to drive through rough terrain, … Continue reading

ST14 – Trailer Pack 3

Author: Arraial ST14 Converter: Anders Orum Source: Oovee ** Updated to the latest xml and filename standard ** by Kaku ** Copied from Oovee This mod does NOT disable multiplayer or achievements, it works online and other players can see it if they got it aswell. New Trailers in v1.0: … Continue reading

ST14 – Mongo Heist

Author: Rhys Trappet ST14 Converter: Gabe Source: Oovee Replaces the UAZ in the game. Does not do MP or achievements. Can be fitted with a collection of tires. Can do logs. Ideal for exploring or decloaking a map 🙂  

ST14 – Gearbox graphics

Author: Dexadrinne Source: Oovee The manual gearstick in Spin Tires can be used to shift gears manually. But did you know there is a number of gears you can use? I did not until this mod appeared. It clearly display the number of gears available for you. And when you … Continue reading

ST14 – KRAZ 255B / 256B with addons

Author: Alex Ryskal Source: Oovee This truck set is amazing in detail, the truck looks like it might just drive out of your monitor and across your desk. There is a choice of tires and various other addons. Download and enjoy! Does not do MP or achievements. ** Updated to … Continue reading

ST14 – Ural Polyarnik

Author: Priotrek Pere / Gabe / Johncage Source: Oovee Priotrek is the main creator of the beast of a Ural. The idea was to create a polar expedition type of ural and he succeeded with the help of Gabe and Johncage. Its not entirely real life accurate as the rear … Continue reading

M62 Offroad Train

Original author: Rhys Trappet ST14 Converter: no clue Source: I doubt this was converted with approval from Rhys but its cool so i am going to post this anway. Rhys if you read this let me know if you want this taken down. This basicly is a train. On … Continue reading