ST14 – KAMAZ 55102 v3

Author: Ronnie Source: Oovee The third 55102 version available. This one comes with several tires, trailer addons, truck addons and loads to go and.. load. Nicely done mod with good texturing and realism. Although it only has difflock it can go anywhere you want, within reason :). The truck has … Continue reading

Gamescom interview with Oovee

Flanna (black t-shirt), one of the Oovee forum moderators, had had the chance to do a short interview with Reece (far left) from Oovee. Reece is the studio producer and he answered some questions Flanna had gathered on the forum and also had some other news to tell. Enjoy watching … Continue reading

Test drive – Renault Premium

I got asked by Anders from the Oovee forum if i was willing to participate in some testing of his conversion work for the Renault Premium truck. Ofcourse its hard to say no 🙂 so i did say yes. This truck, when finished, wil come to play in ST with … Continue reading

Test drive – The Behemoth

From Wikipedia: Behemoth (/bɨˈhiːməθ/ or /ˈbiː.əməθ/, also /ˈbeɪ.əmɔːθ/; Hebrew: בהמות‎, behemoth (modern: behemot)) is a beast mentioned in Job 40:15–24. Suggested identities range from a mythological creature to an elephant, hippopotamus, rhinoceros or crocodile. And we can add truck to that list of descriptions now. Bregel is busy finishing his Behemoth … Continue reading

ST14 – IFA W50

Author: LS2013 Converter: Ronnie Source: The IFA W50 is a small truck with only difflock. Still it gets the job done. It can haul the bigger trailers, you just have to know how to drive with the IFA. Plan ahead and you wil go most places. Nicely done mod … Continue reading

Spin Tires at GamesCon + Questions

Oovee is live at the GamesCon in Cologne. Checkout the semi-live thread on the Oovee forum for pictures made by Flanna (one of the forum moderators). GOT QUESTONS FOR THE PRODUCERS FROM OOVEE? GO HERE AND PASS THEM ON TO FLANNA!  

ST14 – URAL 4320 V4

Author: unknown Source: This is a great mod. Lots of addons such as tires, bumpers and various loading decks and fuel cisterns. The loading decks are borrowed from the BruteTerror Kraz 6316, kudos to him for that part. The cab of the truck does to shake a little too … Continue reading

ST14 – Jeep Cherokee XJ

Author: SID Original Author: Igor Vicorow ( Source: Oovee Need a car to do some rock climbing then use this for a change :). There is a ton more of info on the Oovee forum but suffice to say this car will keep you busy for a while climbing rocks … Continue reading


Author: Yuri Eremchuck Source: Oovee This is a must have car. The iconic Landrover Defender 90 in a rally edition. Comes with two tire flavours. You can open doors,bonnet etc. Rides really good and likes to get dirty. Download and enjoy, this is a truck you have to experience! With … Continue reading

ST14 – UAZ 2925 Ambulance

Author: by_orion ST 14 Converter: Roman Source: This is the UAZ 2925 ambulance. And it is yellow. That is the most positive bit about it really :). Can’t do offroad that good on its standard tires. Takes on damage really easy and is of no use in the game. … Continue reading