Oskosh HEMTT

Author: Arraial / imported by Vadim Chugaynov
Source: vk.com

This is the Oshkosh HEMTT which is a big 8×8 brute. It can be fitted with several addons and wheels and it has a appetite for tough terrain.

[wpfilebase tag=file path=’vehicles/OSHKOSH_Hemtt.7z’ /]

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4 Responses to Oskosh HEMTT

  1. MaxMrMiller says:

    http://scribblegrid.com/#6664,0 i made a spintires flag

  2. Rory says:

    Cool looking mod; I wonder if it has the distinctive Detroit Diesel 8V92TA sounds.

  3. pcg8503 says:

    can you just pretty please upload this to the workshop if you do ill do what ever you want for ever and ever

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