No Fog

Author: tombuggy
Source: Oovee

If you want to get rid of the fog layer in ST then download this little gem. It is customized media.xml which will take care of that. It does however NOT support MP and achievements.

No Fog Latest Stable
No Fog Latest Stable
no fog_latest_stable.7z
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9 Responses to No Fog

  1. Drew Willis says:

    When you download this mod, you are also downloading the Toyota FJ-40 that is you seen driving it?

  2. spintiresmaster says:

    which vehicle is on the pictures

  3. maryo says:

    Hi! i have a question, how to remove UI for screenshots? because i can’t find the files located in Media – meshes like in older versions.
    I have v23.10.15 of Spin Tires.

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