Author: Model and textures: OOVEE, ronnie, OST, A-50 Black Shark. Addons: OOVEE, ronnie, unknown A-50 Black Shark. Wheels: OOVEE, ronnie, RedPow, Max Panow , hz888. Sound: Anton Smirnov. Load boards: hz888. Maud made: ronnie

A very usefull and versatile truck to use, the MZKT-6527. Which is pretty much unstoppable when fitted with these massive tractor tires.  Very good truck for a wide variety of activities, just don’t venture into thick forests 😉

[wpfilebase tag=file path=’vehicles/МZКТ-6527_13.04.7z’ /]

[wpfilebase tag=file path=’vehicles/MZKT6527_latest_stable.7z’ /]

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