Author: PressureLine

Basicly this “hack” changes how some maps work in the game when it comes to which vehicles are at your disposal. Changes the gameplay a lot. Be sure to use this in tandem with RealMod!

*** V1 ***

– Hill
– B-130 with Utility Attachment changed to D-535 with Garage Carriage
– B-130 with Utility Attachment and utility Cart changed to C-6522 (blue) with Tractor and Utility Trailer

– Plains
– C-6522 at start garage changed to C-6522 (blue)

– Flood
– C-6522 with Tractor and Utility Trailer changed to C-6522 with Tractor and Garage Trailer

MapHax 19-03-15
MapHax 19-03-15
32 B
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9 Responses to MapHax

  1. will says:

    Hi, I keep getting that the archive is corrupt

  2. will says:

    awesome all working πŸ™‚

  3. MADPOWER says:

    Hello Hein!
    Just to send new link for my tweacked Kraz! …so no more onedrive πŸ˜‰
    Thanks man! πŸ™‚

  4. evilpumpkin says:

    It’s only 32 bytes and 7-Zip doesn’t like it. Is this intent?

    I’d really like to see how this mod works hoping it helps me understand how to add more vehicles to an existing map.

  5. Adrigaaas90 says:

    I re-downloaded several times and I have the same problem the other people… file corrupt.
    I tried unpack with Winrar and with 7-Zip but same result.
    Somebody can help please?

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