Map – Waterfall

Author: V12

This is an interesting map. It’s not for those who are new to driving in ST. This map is clearly for the more experienced users as it involved driving through a waterfall. Or taking a shortcut through a mine shaft. Yes you read that correctly, crazy stuff but also really challenging! I will not waste more words on this amazing map. Just download it and be amazed! The package also included some trucks, Tatra and a racing Kraz.

As a courtesy to the novice users we included a map with route ideas.

Level Waterfall Latest Stable
Level Waterfall Latest Stable
25.5 MiB

You also need this file for all the models used on the map:

ST Models Library For Map Makers
ST Models Library For Map Makers
ST Models Library for map makers.7z
249 MiB

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48 Responses to Map – Waterfall

  1. Nick_Killer says:

    Has this map already modded cars in it or is it just with normal trucks?
    Greetings Nick

  2. V12 says:

    Yes, there are some additional custom trucks – standard Tatra 813, Tatra 813 Trial and Kraz RS for more fun. Standard T813 replaces MAZ 523. If You want revert to the stock MAZ, delete or rename file maz.xml in the MEDIA\CLASSES\TRUCKS folder.

  3. KarKidd says:

    I’m not sure if I didn’t install the map correctly or if something is bugged with my entire game, but the first bridge (at least, that’s what it looks to be from the map) isn’t there in my game. The road ends and there’s a cliff down to the water. I’ve never had many issues with mods in the past, so I think I may have installed it wrong. Any ideas?

    • Sasquatch says:

      There are two bridges missing and the objective near the starting point cannot be completed unless you set excessive damage capacity and drive the Tatra against the waterfall then winch it up the hill at the end of the road which is nearly impossible.

      • KarKidd says:

        Okay. I’m glad to know it’s not just me having this issue. Hopefully we’ll see a fix for this sometime, but the map as it stands now is awesome, in my opinion.

      • V12 says:

        I tested this map and found that all objectives are OK. Where is missing bridge ? Can You add screenshots ?
        I managed to complete all objectives and fully uncloak map in 9 hours, but it can be done faster.

      • V12 says:

        I tested this map and found that all objectives are OK. Where is missing bridge ? Can You add screenshots ?
        I managed to complete all objectives and fully uncloak map in 9 hours, but it can be done in 5 hours.

        • KarKidd says:

          As of right now, I can’t upload any screenshots because I managed to break my game messing around with the config file of the UAZ. It is currently downloading, but I might be able to take a couple of screenshots once it finishes and I reinstall the map. If I can get around to the other side, I’ll take a screenshot of that too. Who knows? It might even be fixed by reinstalling and therefor be a non-issue.

          • KarKidd says:

            I loaded the map and took some screenshots of the of the missing bridge and of the textures I’m suddenly missing… However, I am not sure how to add them to a comment here.

      • V12 says:

        Here is video with cargo delivery to the objective near start point –
        Video starting in the garage.

        Check Your installation, please.

  4. Pengaman5 says:

    Is it just me, or is the cover point up at the castle un-reachable

  5. PonGo says:

    For me, it does not work in latest stable version (13.04.2015). The map is not visible in Spintires. I try many maps, some works (etc. Ostrov), but some maps are invisible (etc. Waterfall, geocaching). I install the maps with JSGME. Somebody help me?

  6. guistoulaguigue says:

    Very nice map!!
    Really like uncloaking it!!
    How can i go on E7310 island??

  7. sotka65 says:

    If you finished this map you will be an expert in truck trial and hill climbing… Got a lot of fun this map, good challenges, mor like this!

  8. sotka65 says:


  9. cph30075 says:

    The waterfall is too wide. I had the Ural with the trailer. only 50 damage. I go through as fast as I can. It stops, and gets 600/600.

  10. Mario says:

    Problems with this map. As I copy waterfall files to my media there’s no cart with crane, no garage semitrailer, I didn’t try any more. Tried two times. With empty media folder everything works, with this map copied, not working. 03.03.2016 version.

  11. steven says:

    Went to play this map today and it says Map is broken as of 5/19/16

  12. Devin Eremchuk says:

    Hi this map doesn’t work when you download it there is no texture or sound files there is just a level folder and when you put in your game it says level broken/stopped working.

  13. jay mcdonald says:

    i downloaded it for the latest stable 16 and it says missing files or for an old version and it says its for the latest stable a little help please

  14. daniel says:

    can you reupload it I think its for legacy

  15. Turbodlr says:

    does it work with current version, won’t work for me

  16. Jay McDonald says:

    impossible i had poweredbydiesel tell me specificilly over the phone on steam and it still doesnt work

  17. firedog96 says:

    how do i get it to replace the proving grounds map?

  18. MoFoJones says:

    I cannot find the garage truck anywhere on this map. Checked by fuel island no trucks there the only thing I see is the floaded truck by waterfall that u cannot winch to or anything. Only 2 trucks I can unlock on may and thats the fuel truck and repair truck thats it. Map is great just cant find a garage truck at all. Watched videos seen trucks at garage that can be unlocked but there is no unlock circle for those vehicles at garage. there is no log truck on island. I cant do anything on this map without atleast a garage

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