Map – Vajoint

Author: V12

Another amazing V12 movie with a rocky theme to it. Meaning there are lots of rocks and even a tunnel through to them so you have to use the hoodcam. It features forest, tarmac, mud and dirt roads. Lots of detail put into this map which you get to explorer by just driving around or try and do a logging operation on the sometimes difficult roads.

Level Vajont Latest Stable
Level Vajont Latest Stable
290 MiB
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28 Responses to Map – Vajoint

  1. v3n0m says:

    File level_vajont_latest_stable.7z not found!

  2. RadicalRitz says:

    I try to download it but it says “File level_vajont_latest_stable.7z not found!” Please fix!

  3. Arya Suun says:

    ‘Ello! I am unable to get this one to work, not sure whats up. I get an error “Unable to open as archive.” I am using 7zip. I tried to redownload and it seems the DL link is broken now?

  4. Sorcerer says:


  5. Graham says:

    File level_vajont_latest_stable.7z not found!

  6. Leks says:

    File level_vajont_latest_stable.7z not found!

  7. Leks says:

    not downloads

  8. Leks says:

    Thanks 😉

  9. Eric Shidler says:

    Lets all try to DL, the run and post a comment about not being able to DL WITHOUT READING THE COMMENTS FIRST!!!!!!

    There are 14 comments for Christ’s sake…….

    Great job

  10. Dale says:

    How do i install maps?

  11. Alex says:

    наверно самая лучшая карта на сегодняшний день!!!)))

  12. John Smith says:

    I’ve actually been at Vajont Dam and the tunnel is real
    Nice work V12

  13. Nicholas pelton says:

    will this work on the legacy??

  14. kane says:

    what do i do i need help ! when i go to open it up in spintires it says level missing or broken please can you help me i think i need a tutorial

  15. kane says:

    it not working do u have skype so i can skype u pal

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