Map – Tunguska crater

Author: no107064
Source: here

This is a BIG download. Almost 800mb in size. And its worth the download time trust me on that. The map is gorgeous to drive through. Lots of custom object, stunning scenery and routes to explore. This is the map package without custom mods (trucks) so you can use it with the default trucks.

This map is available for the latest stable (9-3-15) and Legacy.

Map - Tunguska Crater - Legacy
Map - Tunguska Crater - Legacy
Map - Tunguska Crater - Legacy.7z
526 MiB

Level Tunguska Crater Latest Stable
Level Tunguska Crater Latest Stable
525 MiB

Latest stable by: King Unique

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43 Responses to Map – Tunguska crater

  1. Romans says:

    This map is a piece of art! BIG respect!

  2. Roman says:

    В очередной раз балуете нас новой картой…. Спасибо Огромное… Такое чувство,что над вашими картами работает ни один человек :))

    Once again, we pamper the new card …. Thank you very much … I feel like over your cards work no one :))

  3. tombuggy says:

    the master of cards!!!!!

  4. Trenton420 says:

    I don’t think the zip is working properly.

  5. PERSON says:

    best map so far i think, thanks, Big Up !

  6. scott says:

    great map one issue im having is falling thru the bridge..the big truss bridge. my tires fall thru the floor and i get stuck. anybody else having this issue?
    im using brutes kraz 6316 8×8

  7. carter says:

    It comes up with a box with only an okay button in the legacy and the normal version when I click play. Please help, looks like an amazing map

  8. Mike says:

    Great map, but can’t rescue trucks to second garage, they get stuck in the walls.

  9. kyle says:

    has something with install method changed? i tried to install this and when done ST told me file was Broken/old/missing something

  10. kyle says:

    sry to double post but i used 7z to extract it to its own folder first then merged it with media zip and this has always worked for me

  11. arb says:

    What i have noticed with a lot of map’s recently is the effort to make them a challenge. Problem that has come with that most maps now you have to use 8×8 to even complete the objectives cause there is mud so nasty you will get stuck in anything less.

  12. Karolis says:

    Downloaded Map – Tunguska Crater – 9-3-15, tested on stable version and working fine 🙂

  13. MADPOWER says:

    Conversions do change mud values,amongst other things…
    the zil look better with kraz tires:=)

  14. TheGuy says:

    Roads are black how do i fix it?

  15. Alessandro says:

    Hi, Map Tunguska Crater 9-3-15 version is very beautiful, and work fine, but the autor say “that this is without custom mods (trucks), so you can use the standard vehicles”, instead in the texture folder there are most of custom vehicles and the size after unzip the 7-zip file is 2 GB… it’s possible download the real version without trucks mod? Please, readme my questions and i’m sorry for my bad english… 🙂

    • Moggz says:

      There are lot’s of trucks/vehicle-wrecks used as scenery that I think are still included as ‘truck’ mesh/models/textures etc within the zip (although I do not overwrite/copy the zil file, I don’t know what difference that makes). They are not drivable truck-mods included with the map – at least not with my install. When I loaded up the map I played it with all the original Spintires trucks.

      The author of this site often takes screenshots while he’s using mod trucks, but these aren’t the trucks that come in the zip.

  16. MADPOWER says:

    Little question…why is the Zil there? i mean, why is it need it?i have mine reworked…didn`t wana loose it unnecessarelly.
    And there already so many stuff to put into…One thing i notice…zil have only 4 wheels, and you descriminate 6 on wheelsets;) but kraz wheels do fit better:)
    if you could get back to me, and informe me if and why we need zil i would be apreciated…

  17. MADPOWER says:

    i was trying to do that…is that if it`s only because of wheels,i passed,cause i have those and others:)
    But could be something more to it,,,and give me some kind of error.Don`*t know, this is why i was asking.should e there for something
    107064…could you be kind enough to satisfy me about that matte?
    PLZZZZ i want try your new map;)

  18. carter says:

    how to install?

  19. no107064 says:

    Zil is there because all my maps have all original vehicles … or you can swap zil as better car …

    • Karolis says:

      Nice maps, are u working on new map? 😀

    • MADPOWER says:

      :)…no matte…in game yes, is normal to have zil there.i would ask if it wouldn`t be there;)
      what i`m asking is, why does zil come with the download for us to put in our media folder game….
      Why you included the zil to replace our xml in media/classes/trucks?
      i suspect that is only for us to have those diferent offroad wheels in our original zil…wright?
      this is why i say, if is only ment for the wheels i will not copy/substitute my classes/trucks/(xml)
      if it is for something more, i guess i have too…is just because of the wheels?

  20. SirJambon says:

    Nice map but some of the cloaks don’t seem to uncloak the map when discovered? I’m using the Legacy version btw.

    • MADPOWER says:

      that is normal JAMBON that is because it probably have more cloacks near it, and when you remove one you still see black shade from others around…keep cleaning those;)

  21. Cooter Ray says:

    Could anyone tell me what the yellow truck is in the picture and where to download it?

  22. Natural says:

    I couldn’t unlock the second garage with a garage trailer. Wouldn’t fit in the small door.

    To be honest, I gave up after that. It was fun to uncloak it and rescue the vehicles, but who has the patience to run logs x4 to the furthest objective? I just completed Sandy Coast on SP HC and it took over 5 hours.

    I like that people are being creative and making large (and great looking) maps, but spamming 4 objectives on a 3km one-way route that require an 8×8 to get through the crazy mud… It’s just not fun to me.

    I would rather have a couple of objectives. It doesn’t feel tedious that way and I would spend more time playing around and enjoying the map. By the time I got done with Sandy Coast I couldn’t wait to quit the map after completing the 5th objective.

  23. Moggz says:

    Really great map. Lot’s of fun to uncloak with the Uaz, some really tricky places to reach and lot’s of cutting paths through the woods and hills.

    Managed to haul a garage trailer with the Kamaz to unlock the second garage, then took a convoy with the Kamaz with a cistern trailer, the Zil and Maz as utility/recovery trucks, and 2 Ural, the Kraz and the Maz-537 as logging trucks. The Maz took a long log trailer. Tipped one of the Ural over but all the rest made it to the objectives. Hard work but it can be done with all those vehicles and big loads/trailers.

    There’s a load of objectives that would take forever to finish, and it’s pretty much one long route back and forth. A really good route, but I probably won’t be coming back to complete the other objectives any time soon.

    Took just under 13 hours.

  24. Hrvoje says:

    Is there a second fuel station on this map…if there is, wher is located?

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