Map – Tunguska Crater Mystery

Author: V12

This is a map with a story behind it. The Tunguska Crater in Russia is kind of like Area51 in the US of A. Unknown things happened there and all who go there are often never seen again. But in this map you get a chance to discover the secret of the Tunguska area. Be carefull where you drive.. you might get lost!

Some real facts :
In the 1908 in the area Podkamennaja Tunguzka exploded something, probably little asteroid. Expeditions some years later not found any impact crater, only “butterfly” shaped area of totaly destroyed forest and little degenerated trees. Explanation for degeneration by modern science is radioactivity. But asteroid’s explosion can’t make radioactive waste. What thing exploded over Tunguzka ? Asteroid ? Or UFO ?

For more info type to the Uncle Google “tunguzka event”…

Level Tunguzka Mystery Latest Stable
Level Tunguzka Mystery Latest Stable
40.6 MiB

You also need this file for all the models used on the map:

ST Models Library For Map Makers
ST Models Library For Map Makers
ST Models Library for map makers.7z
249 MiB

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23 Responses to Map – Tunguska Crater Mystery

  1. Richard says:

    Can this map run on the Legacy mode?

  2. kurt says:

    it says its 8.8MB but when i download it its a 303MB download lol

  3. FamousTrickz says:

    Can I have a link to that jeep please?

  4. BoomStick_BANDIT says:

    I cant get this map to load. Either causes ST to stop working or will not show up at all. Tried dragging and dropping as well as Jsgme. On both Legacy and Stable.

    • says:

      It works for me on stable 13-4-15. Try clearing your cache before starting up ST.

      • Richard says:

        Good Morning
        If I may ask what is the diff between the stable & legacy modes?
        Why do some people have “other” maps?
        Sorry did not know where to ask this question!
        If I follow the steps in my Steam acc the only version available is the one that I have installed in my system.
        Thank you for a GREAT site & have a nice day!!!!! :))

        • Moggz says:

          Not sure why you would only have one version of the game. Maybe if you bought it recently it no longer comes with legacy option. I don’t know.

          From Steam library, right-click SpinTires, select ‘Properties’, click ‘Betas’ tab, and I have two options available ‘NONE’ or ‘Legacy’.

          Legacy version is just an older version of the game software. Most (and it seems all ‘new’) mod maps and vehicles have now been updated so that they work with the latest version of the game. I have never had to use the beta/legacy version and have used loads of mod maps and vehicles.

          Just look for ‘latest stable’ downloads on here, and they should work with your version of the game.

      • BoomStick_BANDIT says:

        Well, clearing the cache helps. ST doesn’t crash. But the map doesn’t show up. You just place it in the Zipped Media? I know its in there. I get the MP is disabled message.

  5. RICHIE says:

    nice map and how would I convert a map to stable

  6. Karan43 says:

    Its a really nice map to drive on, the middle of the map is for me a little to muddy to drive in but if you like you have enogh ways do drive around it. For me the only big down for me is the custom d535 (tatra) what comes whit this map, i dont have a manual gearbox and in the 1st gear it just dont get rolling really and there is a bug that if you try to carry long logs that the tatra start to fly into the sky (if there would be a way whitout the cutsmo vehicels and trailers it would be +1 for the score point)

    We have here 1 Garage, 1Lumber, 1Fuel and 3 objectives. it did take me around 5h to complet the map whit 2-4 player (whit 75% on my part i did alone) so i guess if you want to complet the whole map it will take you around 6h solo.

    Overall i did like to complet the objectives and explore the map it solid and makes fun, the only down was for me the custom d-535 and the stuff what comes whit it so my score is a 7/10

    • V12 says:

      For me – T813 is OK. With this truck and medium log cart I managed finish map in 2 hours solo without any “fly to the sky”. Long logs are impossible in the latest stable release, because long log trailer disconnect on any roughness over the road. I don’t use it. Medium log trailer is fine. But attention ! Don’t use tatra tractor or kraz tractor in conjunction with log cart with crane on the T813, truck may suddenly explode, or fly to the sky, as You wrote.

      If You want, You can revert to the stock MAZ 8×8 – delete file MAZ.XML in the MEDIA\CLASSES\TRUCKS

  7. will says:

    this map is completly broken for me, ive tried clearing my cache and reinstalling the game but it crashes back to the desktop with spintires.exe has stopped working

  8. daniel says:

    it says that the files are old or broken for me

    • says:

      Problem fixed. Download the added st models pack.

      • daniel says:

        didn’t work

      • jagoebel1 says:

        So download and install to my ST Media file BOTH the Level and the Models Library for this map to work properly??? And if this is the case, will V12’s other maps work with this same Models Library??? Sorry, I’m still “wet behind the ears” on this mod stuff. Thanks for all the help in advance.

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