Map – Tunguska Crater Mystery

Author: V12

This is a map with a story behind it. The Tunguska Crater in Russia is kind of like Area51 in the US of A. Unknown things happened there and all who go there are often never seen again. But in this map you get a chance to discover the secret of the Tunguska area. Be carefull where you drive.. you might get lost!

Some real facts :
In the 1908 in the area Podkamennaja Tunguzka exploded something, probably little asteroid. Expeditions some years later not found any impact crater, only “butterfly” shaped area of totaly destroyed forest and little degenerated trees. Explanation for degeneration by modern science is radioactivity. But asteroid’s explosion can’t make radioactive waste. What thing exploded over Tunguzka ? Asteroid ? Or UFO ?

For more info type to the Uncle Google “tunguzka event”…

Level Tunguzka Mystery Latest Stable
Level Tunguzka Mystery Latest Stable
40.6 MiB

You also need this file for all the models used on the map:

ST Models Library For Map Makers
ST Models Library For Map Makers
ST Models Library for map makers.7z
248.5 MiB

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