Map – The Tunnel

Author: V12

The tunnel is a map with lots of custom object such as houses, brick buildings, fences and so on. It also includes a *drumroll* tunnel to go through. Which can now be done using the new hoodcam. Lots of terrain to explorer on this map and it offers some beautiful scenery as well.

Level The Tunnel Latest Stable
Level The Tunnel Latest Stable
level_The Tunnel_latest_stable.7z
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14 Responses to Map – The Tunnel

  1. XCC111 says:

    :OO Since when does the Tatra have a cab view? Did you add it or is it up somewhere for download?

  2. XCC111 says:

    Nevermind, I just found out that it’s part of the map 😛

  3. bryso says:

    how do u have cockpit view mate?

    • says:

      Latest game version offers that.. there should be a ghost camera hovering above your truck. Click it to get to the hoodcam.

  4. V12 says:

    HoodCam for all user cars :
    – find cars’s XML in CLASSES\TRUCKS
    – insert line
    between lines


    – X, Y and Z are coordinates of the viewpoint, start with 0,0,0 and with trial – error method find correct values

  5. V12 says:

    And again :
    insert line
    Camera Cabin=”(2.8; 2.4; 0.7)” IsHood=”true” RadiusMultiplier=”0.8″
    between lines
    Exhaust Origin=”(-0.416; 0.352; 1.2)” Velocity=”(-0.6; 1.4; 3.5)”
    Steam Origin=”(1.777; 1.2; 0)”

  6. Alan says:

    This game doesn’t work with my game. I have the update before the latest. Says file is broken or missing or old. do I not have the right version?

  7. Alan says:

    This Map*

  8. Norsa says:

    Is it just me or does the Tatra cause MP to crash at times? A buddy crashed and within the log it was something to do with that truck.

    • says:

      Could be. I don’t do mp due to lack of time.

    • MADPOWER says:

      norsa that mod had to be reworked…i heard is bones have to be done diferentlly to use many addons in a more stable way.i used to have the same issue, after a while small logs….cabummm.shake shake shake.what i found out was that if i did not use the bumper stripes, wich is like addon, it wouldn`t crash that easely….i wish someone with knoledge toke the time to make it good again…it`s such a nice mod, but i had to give up on it

  9. MADPOWER says:

    nice…already using the new camera possibilitys;)
    also the kamaz i like…nice trailer

  10. MADPOWER says:

    I don`t know why but this map is not working for me…
    Also one question,do we need to “import” to our media folder the 2 tatras? t148 and 813 from zidon & arraial?
    map makers these days throw out everything they have in meshes and textures, even if it was from old map or mod they used to play.:)))
    My computer fans scream….so much stuff with no need for it…

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