Map – The Ramp

Author: Madpower
Source: here

The name of the map says it all. It has a ramp. Somewhere. Find it and crash you truck in a way not yet available in the game before this map. The map also provides a trial area and lots of other terrain variants to explore. This is a map which will not disappoint!

This map works in the latest stable.

Level The Ramp Legacy
Level The Ramp Legacy
level_The Ramp_legacy.7z
59.8 MiB

Level The Ramp Latest Stable
Level The Ramp Latest Stable
59.9 MiB

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63 Responses to Map – The Ramp

  1. Richard says:

    Just wish I could get these ADD maps installed to enjoy them and be able to give some feedback! πŸ™ They ALL look so BRILLIANT, but cannot get them to work. Just a small block with a “OK” button.
    Did clear the cache and have the Legacy installed!

  2. MADPOWER says:

    Hi guys!
    Hey Hein, couldn`t not ask for better timming for hood camera.toke me off the hook with the stones:) partially…now they have red sine kkkkk
    Loving this new build
    i was going to check that news to me off just changing a few letters, sounds good.but for now i think i`ll stay stable:)
    thanks for the post matte

  3. Richard says:

    The media is it the Media [Folder] or the Media [Zip] ?

  4. Shawn Kuhleman says:

    This looks like a great map, however I dont have a program to edit .STG files, Is there anyway you can edit it and post a download here?

    • says:


    • MADPOWER says:

      Shawn…i advise you to always use otpion of new knoledge;) but if youΒ΄re struglling too much, you have my original post, on steam forum. Before Hein tested this map for us, name was just “level-up” , but is the same map.legacy is there. the post is just”new map”…i think:))))

      • Shawn Kuhleman says:

        Thanks alot! I did a bunch of Googleing before asking, but notepad++ didnt show up. Downloading now!

        • MADPOWER says:

          From what i coud understand, since you can not edit, you open the stg file through the programm it self:open file/bla bla bla.i never confirmed cause i steal use old xml notepad 2007, and like Hein says i choack…toke too long to open and give up, but apperentlly these new ones work fine…once open should easely identify the characters i guess…

  5. wayne says:

    i did read what to do to play it in legacy mode but i dont understand how to do it.

  6. RICHIE says:

    does the ,v3 trick work for all mods or just this one

  7. wayne says:

    how do i use notepad to edit the file to v3

    • says:

      Notepad++ (actual program name) can open STG files. Regular notepad cannot without choking.

      • Aaron Hall says:

        Even notepad ++ is scrambled – it opens the file, but is still binary. No code to edit.

        • says:

          Yes it is scrambled but the top line (1) had three characters on the left which can be changed. Changing them to ,V3 is what you need to do to make it work with legacy version.

  8. Gary says:

    I’ve edited the .stg file according to the directions, but it will not open in the Legacy Build. Do you have any suggestions?

  9. Gary says:

    Just to expound on my last post – I compared the characters I changed in Notepad++ with another of the several maps I have installed. The first three characters are exactly the same, but it will not open for me.

    • says:

      And you want to play this map in which version?

      • Gary says:

        I was trying to play in the Legacy version. It seems like the newest maps are only compatible with the Stable Build; is there a reason that the newest ones are not being made for the Legacy?

        • Gary says:

          Please disregard my previous post; I used the fix that the author posted to Dropbox. Thank you for your consideration anyway.

  10. V12 says:

    I recommend XVI32…

  11. MADPOWER says:

    Hello people!;)
    Guys Im in big need of everyone help.I have a guy that is saying that map in mp, there is an issue with start location for uaz.It fall of the cliff i guess.I really fought that more then one player, leave from the same exact location as lobby leader,is it not?or does it start on its side?the thing is, if so, i would like to make fix for it, but since i don`t play MP, i`m kind of blinde.Does anyone know exaclly how it is?
    thanks guys apreciatedd

  12. MADPOWER says:

    What`s up guys?;)
    I made yesterday fix for MP in legacy build, just waiting for confirmation that is working good, soon as they do, i`ll be in touch with fix. Uaz starting point.
    Sorry about any inconvinience…

  13. MADPOWER says:

    Hi there!;)
    If your looking for a fix for starting point,of the ramp map, here it is. Only fixed legacy because it seems people still around it, and since you guys can convert to stable, as well…and change name if your willing to…
    _Thank you for your pacience;)

    • Gary says:

      Your map is awesome in my opinion. For the trucks that I use, it is absolutely as close to perfection as a fun map as I’ve found. Thank you for sharing it.

      • Madpower says:

        Thanks a lot matte…sorry by replaying so late, my pc died on me so…lost everything i had.still now is fixed, starting over has we speack πŸ™‚
        Next perhaps, a bit less “snake” with perhaps harder terrain…will see. but you can make short cuts on some, not all. i tryed do diferente stuff. glad someone liked it πŸ˜‰
        thanks a bunch!

  14. Koon says:

    What is the name of that buggy, I must know. PLZZ

  15. MADPOWER says:

    Hello hein….what happen with my map? only 23 downloads? last time i checked was 1379downloads πŸ™‚
    Does it reset after a period?
    Well nobody said wonders about it, but also no one complained, wich i find it far more important…for a first map, i guess it went pretty well

    now…who stoled my downloads?:)))

  16. bas says:

    what vehicles are in this map

  17. ec503 says:

    the map is awesome and would be perfect if the garage was unlocked

  18. WuZai says:

    thanks!Finally have the latest version

  19. moaom says:

    how come if my vehicles exceed the amount of stars it crashes but if i keep it at two it works fine?

    • says:

      I have no idea. But it is a interesting ‘bug’. Can you test this with other user build maps?

      • Moaaom says:

        I have but other ones just crash but others with find I’ve cleared cashe I’ve never had the problem before. It’s not a normal crash either unless the way it crashes has changed

  20. idiotMatt says:

    starting all custom cars with zero gas is evil. πŸ™‚

  21. Madpower says:

    All the existing ones in game at the time been. 2 kraz. Shoudn`t have problema unless you have other mods πŸ˜‰
    Perhaps next time i`ll include my reworked versions of all trucks…as option, always. I try to keep it simple so people don`t need to import too much stuff.

    Hein, all good mate?
    Lissen, by chance you know something about CT for map editing by Oovee?

    Thanks all

    • idiotMatt says:

      The Kraz starts off with gas, yep, but any custom vehicles I bring in are at zero gas. The garage is locked so I can’t get the cars back to it until I get it unlocked. I like the map so far, I just wish I could easily use my mod cars without having to do any work first. πŸ™‚

      I know zero about map customization BTW.

      • says:

        I’ll see what i can do about the zero gas thing. No promises, im not a code monkey πŸ™‚

        • idiotMatt says:

          If anything can you unlock the garage by the spawn point? Since there are no unlocked garages there is no way to unlock any of them.

          I played again last night with my dudes and we floundered around for a while trying to come up with a solution to no avail.

          Thanks BTW. πŸ™‚

          • says:

            I am not the author of the map but i’ll see what i can do.

          • Madpower says:

            Hi there!
            Idiotmatt you can
            pick up the starting uaz or whatever and do the cliff road up until the notice there`s a kamaz with garage trailer that you need to bring to first garage.
            This used to be unlocked but after conversion they close.So we do work around solution.
            It`s all explained on read me file.(at least on my original post was read me file)

          • idiotMatt says:

            OOOOOH Ok Madpower. I’ll give that a shot. Thanks for the tip! πŸ™‚

          • idiotMatt says:

            I finally got it figured out. Thanks Madpower! This is a great map.

  22. Codi says:

    Love the mud on this level and the map good job

  23. Madpower says:

    Hello folks!
    first of all i would like to thank Hein for keep updating my map to latest versions, while i was out.Super man, thanks!

    Now one thing i was not happy

    -New wood bridges where used to be a cliff road.(come on guys used to be even harder, but then on worst part i made water source so youy don`t roll of the cliff):).double bridges by the way.
    -Lumber as changed place(the all idea was that who wanted to load automatic would have to go more completly missed the point.
    -starting uaz point is now aligned with cliff causing to fall more easely.used to be a bit upwords
    -testing area(the creator of the so called fix accidentlly i believe made 2 stones grow in a stupid porpotion). right in place of Hein`s lates pic on post.

    Note:i know i sayd you guys could use it in any way you wanted, but to change my original post???placing bridges where used to be hard enclined roads???missing the point.i gave order to use, but give it a name of your own, not ramp map.all things are do able all been tested

  24. Madpower says:

    Also 2nd kraz is missing…i believe a truck able to pull big logs without the need to equip on garage, was very handed where it was…

    no figure that big rocks on test area were to concile the logs pile that has change a lot, causing caos where tyhey used to lay πŸ˜‰

  25. wayne says:

    i downloaded the latest stable version and put just the levels in my media folder and it says file broken.

  26. BudgetBeater says:

    Loaded Just the 2 map files into the levels folder like I have done prior to other maps and it says its “broken/missing or old version.” I have the purchased full version of the game and downloaded latest stable. Thanks

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