Map – The Forest

Author: GotStuck
Source: Oovee

This is a hardcore map. No roads whatsoever. This is a make your own road kind of map. Lots of vegetation to get through which makes this a real challenging map to lumber transport on. If you are in need of a challenge get this map and get going. Real nice work this map.

** to be used in legacy mode **

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8 Responses to Map – The Forest

  1. Arya Suun says:

    Driving the Ural towards the locked garage, I got to a large pond with a makeshift bridge in it. As soon as the bridge came into view my frame rate dropped to near 0. Not sure if mods issue, map issue or what but I have never dropped below 25 fps before on ST. ๐Ÿ™‚ Otherwise, good fun. Interesting in the Land Rover Series III

  2. Gr4b_YoGatz_FOO says:

    This map doesn’t work on the latest stable version.


  3. Zero says:

    Sadly no longer works with the latest stable build :c
    Would love to see it fixed

  4. Zero says:

    Interesting, I’m running the same version as you can see here:

    No idea what the problem might be, installed it using JSGME, cleared the cache etc.

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