Map – Terrible Road

Author: Ibragimov Rinat

This map delivers one thing and one thing only. Terrible driving conditions. I had to use the ZIL 137 with active logging trailer to be able to move around easy. It is not a big map but if crawling slowly down a muddy road is your thing then get this map.

Level Terrible Road Latest Stable
Level Terrible Road Latest Stable
21.8 MiB
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2 Responses to Map – Terrible Road

  1. codyallen says:

    everytime i try and install this map it causes my game too crash the only thing i can think of is when you install it it come’s with a game file and i think the game file is bugged but plz correct me if i am wrong

  2. AustinWii says:

    One of my most favorite maps, I truely enjoy playing this. It has that feel like the videos of offroad logging in Siberia. I surely hope you reupload this map when the next version of the game come’s out.

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