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Author(s): Vladislav Isaev (Vostok98) Authors include Igor Viktorov, Yuri Eremchuk Dmitry Romanenko, Yuri Ismailov, Ivan Bodrov, Ruslan Petryuk Ruslan Bratash Denis Surzhikov

A crazy map this is. Filled with lots of custom objects which almost look randomly thrown in the map. Really cool to explore this map and find out what is around the next corner!

Text copied from vk:
map to test self-propelled carts. On the map prusutstvuyut 1 dressing, 2 garages, 2 felling, 3 sawmills all default cars and many obstacles.
WARNING: after each start-up card is required to clear the cache.

Screenshots partially by Vostok98

Level StalkerMap Latest Stable
Level StalkerMap Latest Stable
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