Map – Sosnoviy Bor

Author: Alexander Sadovsky Source: The Pinery. A muddy, twisty roads map which guarantees lots of fun to be had while doing a logging trip or just roaming around. Alexander has produced a great map. It is probably not for the novice user but it will keep you happy for hours. Uses a lot of custom object which you will see along the way, among them city signs and children playground signs (drive carefully). On a map is: – Ural 3 – 3 KrAZ – 1 KAMAZ – 1 MAZ – 4 Sawmill – 2 felling (one is not much difficult load, on the other light) – 4 refills – 5 points of Intelligence

Level Sosnoviy Bor Latest Stable
Level Sosnoviy Bor Latest Stable
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