Map – Siberian Express + 7 days

Author: no107064

Two maps in 1 package. Two extremely well done maps i might add. Really thought out terrain design. Excellent for the more experienced drivers.  The scenery is just stunning and you will not be bored for a long while riding these two maps.

The tip i can give for both maps (Thanks Gr4ndy) is to not be alarmed when the map loads and you see nothing. Just press F1 and choose a vehicle at the garage.
Tip number 2 is for the Siberia map. Take extra fuel with you, these are some long roads before you reach the next fuel dump.

Siberia Express

7 days

Level Siberian Express - 7Days Latest Stable
Level Siberian Express - 7Days Latest Stable
level_Siberian Express - 7Days_latest_stable.7z
607 MiB
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32 Responses to Map – Siberian Express + 7 days

  1. Hephaistos says:


    works this package with legacy version of Spintire?

    Thank you.

  2. RKelman says:

    i installed like any other mod and then cleared my cache. the maps don’t show up in game. is there a special instruction i missed?

    • RKelman says:

      as i expected, i solved the issue after i commented. sorry for wasting your time bro. awesome site 🙂

  3. ItsKiba994 says:

    Hello. I was wondering when the Ford Econovan will be released. I am excited for it and want to know when it will be available.

  4. georgetf says:

    i cant download it
    its opening the new tab with the link and not downloading its doing it for all mods

  5. Roman says:

    From this author liked the map of Tunguska,five times it was played. Very high quality. I hope this map is very me and all of us will enjoy. I wish the author success and great creativity,pleases let us on. Thank you.

  6. scott says:

    no107064 makes some really amazing maps…. one thing ive noticed with these 2 maps is that when i start out, im nowhere near any trucks but am in the middle of a field. If i go to the map and select a truck everything works fine after that…. anyone else have this issue?

  7. scott says:

    EDIT: i opened my eyes a little further and read the description (past the first paragraph)

  8. PressureLine says:

    Please please please mapmakers, leave out the custom vehicles. It’s hard to think of something more irritating than downloading a map, only for it to be covered in mod vehicles that I don’t need or want. Especially when the side effects are that the download sizes are bloated to hell.

  9. Roman says:

    I agree. In vain, stick it in the card machine. Let the user chooses on what to ride and puts them. And yet,the rock spoil the whole atmosphere of Siberia. Instead of the rocks could have been swamp with grass and sparse vegetation to draw. Exploration proedesh or empty,but with the load anymore. Here’s Siberia.

  10. josh says:

    the game crashes every time i try to play either of those maps. i tried clearing my cache but it still crashes the game. am i doing something wrong or what? please help

  11. Roman says:

    No offense to the Author. These roads and the terrain is dominated by the Urals,and Siberia. Tunguska river in Siberia you have very good and similar. But this card should have been called for example….
    “Ural Causes”
    “The Conquest Of The Urals”
    “Rebellious Ural”
    “The Call Of Ural”

  12. Sasquatch says:

    Which is the initial vehicle for those maps? With a clean file, both maps load with no vehicles and I’ve verified that all of the base references are present and contain no errors.

  13. Dan says:

    Definitely my favorite maps so far. Siberian Express i would recommend for the more experienced drivers but 7 days is more of a scenic drive. Majority of the road is bitumen but don’t let the little side tracks fool you. Well done to the creator.

  14. Bobby says:

    how do i unlock the garages in the siberian map? when i tsrat both garages are locked

    • says:

      Get into the truck with the trailer and unlock the garage.

      • Bobby says:

        there is none you think it might be one of my preinstalled truck mods but all are able to carry a garage trailer and the truck folder on this download is empty

  15. Hasani says:

    I would love to know why is it that map makers dont post a clear and precise instruction on how to install a map such as this one, i currently have the latest stable version of spintires, i then place the media folder that was just downloaded with the maps and mod vehicles and copied it into my spin tires folder, i start the game select siberian map and the vehicles are the same stock vehicles yet this map has modded vehicles.. i have no clue on how to get the modded vehicles to work with these mod maps or even the stock maps the mod map works but i cannot find any of the modded vehicles that im currently seeing in the files when i open them, ive been searching for videos on how to install maps with modded vehicles and i cannot find anything this is frustrating can someone please help me??

    • Hasani says:

      i would love to enjoy this map with the modded vehicles that came with it not the boring stock ones that came with the game

    • Spetsna3 says:

      The .XML files for the mod trucks aren’t included in the download for some reason. Without those you won’t be able to play using them.

  16. TomAACB says:

    how did you get the textures on the E350’s axles and suspension?

  17. andro says:

    i cant load logs

  18. andro says:

    I solve the problem. Delete all files who have log_.. in name in Media\classes\models\ directory. Sorry for bad english.

  19. bama13 says:

    how do i download this?

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