Map – Sandy Coast

Author: no107064
Source: Oovee

A good map with lots of ground to explorer, yes its big, and a lot of decloaking to be done. It has twists and turns, custom object, lots of sand, forest and mud. Fun for the whole family!

* 4-3-2015 * Lumber mill fix map uploaded *

Level Sandy Coast V1 Fixed Latest Stable
Level Sandy Coast V1 Fixed Latest Stable
level_Sandy Coast_v1_Fixed_latest_stable.7z
381 MiB

Latest stable by: King Unique

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32 Responses to Map – Sandy Coast

  1. Roman says:

    Hello… And it is possible to share the Silvery Hammer? Or it is secret? πŸ™‚

  2. MADPOWER says:

    Hum…new map!:)
    From this author, can only be great!;)

  3. Roman says:

    I so understand, this card again for truckers? A heap of points, roads wind out of the blue, after opening of the card already all desire vanishes to carry freights πŸ™‚ And so high-quality and quite beautiful cards, I don’t argue.

  4. Smouser says:

    If I enable this map in legacy multiplayer is disabled, anyone else have the same problem?

  5. xeed says:

    Great map!!
    I just miss the lumber location or is that me. I suppose the desert area in the top right corner should be it.

  6. no107064 says:

    sorry here is fix with lumber mill

  7. Will says:

    Hi it’s me again this also comes up with an ok in a box, any help?

  8. ben says:

    why is there no logging point makes the map pointless

  9. Richie says:

    It does not work in legacy

  10. ben says:

    yea map not working for me

  11. Tourist says:

    It works on my side. But I had to reinstall legacy.

  12. Juraj7945 says:

    I have legacy and map is NOT working

  13. ebrard says:

    hello, i have trouble with all maps mods. I have cd rom version and last update of steam, i put the files in correct folders and when i want to play it, its tell me “can’t load level. file either broken/missing or old version”. Can you help me please?

    • says:

      Install Legacy version from the beta tab in the steam client.

    • Moggz says:

      Also, if you have the latest released version of spintires through steam, re-download the maps that say ‘latest stable’, as they have been updated for the latest version.

  14. Mike says:

    Thanks to all of you for these great maps. Lumber is working now.
    I’m a retired 72 year old, I’ve played Spintires for over 830 hours now.
    I love exploring a big map with lots of cloaks and finding where the trucks are hidden,
    Can’t wait for another new one, please keep em coming.

  15. gadouillle says:

    The map fixed don’t work on legacy.

  16. Eric Shidler says:

    I really like the versatility in this map, as well as the huge size.
    What I cant understand, is why the developer chose not to place a garage or fuel depot ANYWHERE in the South area of the map?
    Really makes single player a hardcore pain in the a**. Other than that, i like it.

  17. MADPOWER says:

    I used to have those issues every time i wanted install new map.My solution was to delete content, put back original files and clear cache.And without running game, delete original media/build and put back the backup of moded files, or add the map/vehicle you want and clear cache again.
    I never understood why, but now i just need to clear cache after i pass map into my media…

  18. Natural says:

    Great map design and a lot of fun to explore. But like Canyon, I don’t enjoy doing the objectives on this. It’s just too tedious in single player hardcore. 2-3 objectives is fine. It’s not fun to drag 3600L tankers across a huge map multiple times.

    • Moggz says:

      You can use the Kamaz to haul fuel trailers and park them at strategic points, so that you only ever haul a full tanker through tricky terrain once. After that, you are just using the un-loaded kamaz tractor to move between nearby fuel trailers and haul them to vehicles to refuel.

  19. Vyacheslav says:

    no107064 – you create the best map! Thank you for these masterpieces! I play with my friends for hours and they all love it! I have bad English, I write through Google Tranlsate

  20. khaild says:

    how can i install it in new update?

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