Map – Rocky Pass

Author: V12

This is a interesting map from V12. It has a very good implementation of a rocky area. Better then in any other map i have seen. The screenshots, from V12, tell a better story then i can so take a look at them and then download and enjoy! Little warning: the package also has trucks which overwrite some of the default trucks.


You also need this file for all the models used on the map:

ST Models Library For Map Makers
ST Models Library For Map Makers
ST Models Library for map makers.7z
249 MiB

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15 Responses to Map – Rocky Pass

  1. Cooter Ray says:

    Looks awesome, downloading now. Can’t wait to give it a shot

  2. Jason says:

    Very nice map, and trucks I love it many thanks

  3. Daniel says:

    The file has the file inside of it please reupload link

  4. Alek says:

    Great map, many thanks to the Author.
    Do you have the same “problem”. There is no auto-loads in lumber-yards. Is it especially (to load “manually ” and make it harder) or it is rather problem on my side?
    What should I do to have it?
    I got the same problem in BAX 1.

  5. Matt says:

    Is anyone else having the same problem that where on just about every map the garage(s) are locked with no truck to unlock them?

    • says:

      Probably due to the “workaround” method of replacing the Flood map. I am waiting/searching for a more official method of converting maps.

  6. CrashX says:

    The “latest stable” download here comes up with error “missing or old files” when i try to use this map

  7. Finn Engen says:

    Non working for 03.03.16, “can’t load level_rocky_pass – file either broke/missing or old version

  8. Zodiac2 says:

    Says map is broken or old, dragged the 2 files over into my levels file like every other map mod I have done.

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