Map – Proseka

Author: unknown

Big map with beautiful hills and valleys. A challenge to bring the logs from point a to b without tipping over or crashing into a tree.

Level Proseka Latest Stable
Level Proseka Latest Stable
14.4 MiB

Latest stable by: King Unique

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4 Responses to Map – Proseka

  1. Andy says:

    I have a question and am wondering if you could help. The map “desert challenge” and any map newer dosent work (such as abandoned mines) but any map older than DC works perfectly.

    It seems my game has legacy build 2015-1-02, and most people have legacy build 2015-1-15. Is this correct and if so how can i get build 1-15? I should note that the other version is fully updated to the 2-08 update. Any help is appreciated.

    • Robertix says:

      Look into the maps you already have installed and open the .stg with notepad (This may take a while), and see the first three characters in the first line, they should be “,V3” or “?R3”. Depending on what characters you have, replace these ones on the map you are trying to load on the game. E.g if your old maps have “?R3”, this map here has “,V3” so you will have to change that in the stg for your map to work

  2. CannasaurusX says:

    Not a great map, similar to Serpentine, just a really long and wide road leading from lumber to objective. Again not my idea of a good map.


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