Map – ProjectOne

Author: Schlammspringer
Source: Oovee

A map with an interesting starting point. You start on an island in the middle of the water. Getting to shore can be done but drive carefully. Nice build of the terrain with a few nice challenges like an unfinished bridge near the mountains. Trying to pass it without a bridge is near impossible.

The zip has two folders. One for the map and one for the object. Copy the folders to the installation folder of your game.

Level Project One Latest Stable
Level Project One Latest Stable
level_Project One_latest_stable.7z
163 MiB

Latest stable by: King Unique

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20 Responses to Map – ProjectOne

  1. kravaloon says:

    Hi, Always love a new map. Any tips on how to pass the bridge with the two logs placed across it, T shaped logs. Tried about 10 times, still cant do it.cheers……………….top mod website.

  2. wayne says:

    does the map disable multi player

  3. lol says:

    Lol, you don’t need to cross that bridge. You can straight forward to the beach trough the water, that water is undeep. Then you need to find the truck with the log crane and then come back from the other side from that bridge and lift the two trees in place. Then you can safely cross that bridge.

    • Schlammspringer says:

      I know, but the underwaterbridge is for that case, if you drop the logs into the water and can’t reach them any more! So you can escape from the island…

  4. Mike says:

    I put a truck with crane on both sides, placed the other 3 logs finished the bridge. It took a long time because of the terrible crane controls and camera, but it was fun.
    Nice map!!

    • Mike says:

      First reply was meant for the one log across the deep ravine.
      For the 2 logs across the other 2 log bridge, I towed the garage carriage truck across the water, unlocked garage, then used the 537 with crane on the objective side to move the 2 blocking logs to land then place them next to the other 2 finishing the bridge.
      (Used a modded truck for the UAZ)

  5. dymas says:

    cant load the file either broken/missing or old version?
    any suggest solution? all map i tried have same issue

    • says:

      Should work in Legacy mode. Have you tried that?

    • Schlammspringer says:

      Most custom maps (like mine) are to use in “legacy” version by default. But there is already a tool (google for “spintires level converter”), that converts these maps into the format of “stable” version. Easy to use and works every map i’ve tried! 😉

  6. dymas says:

    all suggest from oovee like delete cache and savedata still no different, cant play new downloaded map 🙁

  7. carrot says:

    where do i put the contents of the textures folder at? sorry first map im installing.

  8. RICHIE says:

    them are some nice rocks

  9. Sharktooni says:

    Mine doesnt work. It just comes up with and “Ok” and a box to click, anyone know how to fix that?

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