Map – Project Two

Author: Schlammspringer
Source: here

Hello offroad truckers

This map was made to be a “working” map, so don’t expect anything for crawling, trailing or racing!
It’s no hardcore map but has some tricky edges. Furtermore, you’ll need some basic craning skills, because there is only manual loading of logs and a few bridge building sites.
There is one great lumber yard in the north, but in the southern part you can find enough logs spread over the map to to finish at least 2 objectives.

This map comes with two versions:

Default map contains two modded vehicles:
GAZ-2975TIGR (Very fast, but not easy to control when driven with full throttle)
Tatra-813 (Ability to self load long logs)

“Clean” version without any truck mods. For those players who want to play with own mods.
And now have fun.
Any feedback would be great….


Level ProjectTwo Latest Stable
Level ProjectTwo Latest Stable
69.0 MiB

Level ProjectTwo Clean
Level ProjectTwo Clean
264 MiB

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13 Responses to Map – Project Two

  1. cph30075 says:

    This is a very well made map. So far I’ve unlocked the garage, and have the GAZ, KamAZ, KrAZ, and the Zil. It’s well balanced in mud, water, and tarmac. Very good-cph30075

    • carter says:

      What did you use to unlock the garage? I cant find a vehicle with any garage attachments.Thanks.

      • Schlammspringer says:

        There is a truck with garage tralier not so far from starting point. It’s not hidden and it’s ORANGE, so you should see it whenn passing 😉

        A friend of mine passed by several times, because of not looking left or right while driving *lol*

        • carter says:

          lol thanks man I will look

        • carter says:

          so I found the orange truck/kamaz but there is no garage trailer or garage attachment on it I would really like to know whats wrong, thanks

          • Schlammspringer says:

            Very strange! Never noticed any missing attachment at this map. And cph30075 he was able to open the garage, so the trailer should be there!
            Have you installed any mods, that could interfere with truck addons?

          • cph30075 says:

            Do you have any mods installed other than the map?

          • Schlammspringer says:

            Can anybody confirm this behaviour to the garage trailer attached to the Kamaz?
            Just tried out the “clean version” and the traiter is DEFINITELY attached to the Kamaz!

            Do you have this problem only at my map, or with other custom maps too?
            Only can think of a corrupted download or your isnt original any more…

        • carter says:

          I used the clean version and I cant think of anything that will interfere with the orange kamaz and its addons I am going to download the version with mods and see what happens now

          • carter says:

            so I downloaded the version with the mods and the garage trailer is there, thanks for all of your help

  2. MrHappyGameFreak says:

    hi, great map but i cant find anything i have 2 vehicles one of them is the starter and another one that stands in the corner just behind a building but cant find the orange one

    • cph30075 says:

      Turn right at the start. See the road after turning right that goes uphill? That should go to the KamAZ.

  3. Sebi says:

    How can I add my mods with the garage locked? And in the menu there is just one slot for adding trucks.

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