Map – Pereval (Pass)

Author: Johnny_B

This is a Taiga inspired map according to the google translate text from Let’s just say it is a big map with some real nice water rapids, hill climbs, muddy forest tracks and a lot of fun.

And it works with the latest version, no legacy needed.

Level Pereval Latest Stable
Level Pereval Latest Stable
104 MiB


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27 Responses to Map – Pereval (Pass)

  1. no107064 says:

    Wow looks good, I go test it πŸ˜‰

  2. no107064 says:

    How you convert to latest version??

  3. Mr Robert Joseph Meek says:

    Very nice job. Also glad it works as is on the stable version not legacy

  4. Karolis says:

    Map is lagging too mutch, tested on few computers. Map needs fix/optimization without it map is no worthless. Please contact author if possible. Thank you.

  5. carter says:

    this map doesn’t work for me on legacy or normal version

  6. BPG-Blitz says:

    Great map .One of the best .Only problem I had was , I had to remove my modded Kamaz due to the conflict with the one on the map ,but that’s not the 1st time it’s happened with the none legacy version since the blue one was added to the game

  7. Blazer x 4x4 says:

    It doesnt work for me and I have downloaded it twice and it gives be an error when I try to load it up.

  8. MucMecanic says:

    This map is laggy for me and I don’t know for what reason on type D I don’t get any winch option.

    Waiting for a new update on this one.

  9. Sonter458 says:

    can this still work with legacy? I want to use all my maps on one build.

  10. chris says:

    Great map, works on latest version (as of feb 17th)! especially like the wide open roads and the steep grades at the objectives

  11. chris says:

    To make this work you have to unzip the file into the Media folder, then you can copy the files inside the download into the Media folder

  12. Roman says:

    Hello, does not work on version 2.1.15, tried everything and everything πŸ™

  13. mitkok12 says:

    I’ve downloaded this map and… OMG! This is a must have for all people who are playing spintires… The most amazing map ever! Only a small issue- this map needs optimization

  14. Roman says:

    Hello judges of this game and off road terrain! Many thanks for the card. It was pleasantly surprised that this card goes on Licenses. But I can’t understand one, how? After all the Editor of maps isn’t supported by the new version of game πŸ™ Thank you in advance for attention.

  15. sherif says:

    hey !i have the 4.2.15 V no steam spintires
    no maps working for me only this one only working!!
    Map – The_Plateau
    the 3 not working for me ” missing file or older Verstion
    why this one working fine or what is the proplem with the other maps?!

    • MADPOWER says:

      Sherif those maps are for lagacy build and not stable build as this one.Maps with custom objects tend to be more laggy…naturally, depending on how heavy are they…

  16. Richard Schmidt says:

    Does one need all the vehicles as per the attached screen shots?

  17. mitkok12 says:

    Where can you download it?

  18. trucky says:

    map wont load,get an runtime error…

  19. Pyrzillac says:

    Lumber yard / Log Kiosk wont work. One trunk in air and drops inside to log piles. So you cant complete this map without logs =/ Otherwise great map =) Please fix Log Kiosk =)

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