Map – Overgrown

Author: A High Hamster
Source: Oovee

The title says it all. A map. Which is overgrown. A lot. Normal roads are almost non-existent and you get to explore the map through overgrown forest tracks and through bushes and between the trees. A map to enjoy if you want less tarmac and more off-road.

To be used in Legacy mode.

V1.0 First release

Fixed garage spawns when recover to garage
Fixed zil stuck in tree
Fixed urals addons

Level Overgrown Latest Stable
Level Overgrown Latest Stable
53.6 MiB

Latest stable by: King Unique

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8 Responses to Map – Overgrown

  1. Leks says:

    what version of the game

  2. Mike says:

    Trucks spawn with the rear end inside the garages, The 8×8 stood up on it’s back wheels and shook till it exploded.

  3. polibmipolyp says:

    Please help, i have steam legacy version and when i copy to media folder any map from here, its not working.. Online mode says not compatible game, and single mode says broken files or older version.. What im doing wrong ? Thanks

  4. Roman says:

    Great card, even a kind of tell. Thank U!

  5. Ilkka says:

    Great map. Only downside are those two river crossings that are just a too much of challenge. This means that technically there is only one route, unless you want to start to cut trough the forest.

    Other than that plenty of driving, nice “roads” trough the forests and some tarmac as well.

    It took me about 7hours to complete this in hardcore mode of course.

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